3 T W O

"Maybe he knows who I am?" "actually, probably not"...


Isabella P.O.V.

"Hey, Isabella! Wake up it's time for school!" Anna attempts to wake me up.

"Five more minutes, Anna!" I groan.

"Okay then! I guess we're doing this the hard way!" Anna threatens me.

" Okay, Okay! I'm up!" I immediately say..

As Anna leaves the room filled with glee I start to think. Might Alec notice me?

I get dressed in a pink crop top, high waisted jeans, and black vans. I put on three pink rings and three silver necklaces. I grab my white bag and phone and went down to eat breakfast with my siblings.

"Good morning Kyle! Good morning Anna!" I greeted Kyle and Anna as I sat down to eat my chocolate chip pancakes that Kyle normally does for us every Monday.

"Morning Isabella!" Anna and Kyle reply to me while swooning over their own pancakes.

When we all finished eating our pancakes in silence Kyle drove Anna and me to school.

"Bye Isabella, bye Anna!" Kyle bids us goodbye as he drives off to work. He's already finished university and has already graduated from the army. He now works as a videographer for Nickelodeon and Disney Channel. He sometimes takes photoshoots for famous people. He never really shows his face because he doesn't want to be under the spotlight.

I walk to my locker to get my books and see a group of girls crowded there. Alec must be there.

And my suspicions were right.

I squeeze my way through and open my locker to get my books. I slowly avert my eyes to Alec who was smiling.

Maybe he knows my name or at least notices me.

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I turn back to my locker a bit disappointed.

He probably doesn't.

I get my books and head to my first class, Science.

Guess what?

Alec has my same schedule and so does his biggest fangirl, Caroline. Caroline hates me. I don't know why though.

Alec enters class just exactly three seconds before the bell rings. He walks past me and smiles at me then winks. I turn around while smiling and blushing like crazy.

The teacher enters and starts explaining today's lesson while I take notes.


School had just ended and Kyle came to pick us up.

"So? Anything new?" Kyle asks trying to start a conversation.

"I made a new friend named Claire! She's my lab partner in chemistry!" Anna says ecstatically.

"I got a full mark on my lab report on Sunday," I say blankly while staring out the window.

Kyle sighs and finishes his conversation with Anna. I simply blocked out the noise with my music.