2 O N E

She stares at her ceiling once again, with 100 thoughts.


Isabella P.O.V.

I stare at my ceiling like I always do every day at night ever since I met him. Every day I think of a bunch of thoughts about him.

Does he like girls like me?

Does he like nerdy girls?

Does he like shy girls?

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Does he know I have a huge crush on him?

Does he know I love him?

Does he notice me?

Does he at least see me?

And most importantly,

Does he like me back or at least realise that I have a crush on him?

It's way past my bedtime. Heck! It's almost one in the morning! I just can't sleep.

I wish he'd notice me just like other girls notice him. My crush on him is the biggest secret I guard. Only my best friends - Rachel, Marrianne and my sister Anna.

I wish I could just tell him that I love him. His locker is right next to mine and I can't even look at him without my thoughts stuttering. He probably has a girlfriend already. I mean he is the most popular and hottest guy in school and girls are running after him.

"Isabella? You asleep?" My brother, Kyle, asks me. He normally checks up on Anna and me every hour to make sure we're safe and to make sure that I'm asleep.

I turn around and look at him.

"No, not yet," I reply.

"Isabella, you know he's just a boy. Don't worry about him. I'm no expert in girly crushes but I can tell from the last time I came to pick you up that he likes you too."

" I know. Thanks."

"You're welcome. Now go to sleep. And remember if a girl's in love you see it in her smile and if a boy's in love you see it in his eyes."

Kyle has a girlfriend. Her name is Malin. Kyle is planning on proposing to her but he doesn't know how to and he is scared that she'll reject him. They've been together since he was 21 and Malin was 20. Kyle's now 29 and Malin is 28.

I better get to sleep otherwise I won't be able to stay up in class. So I turned around and closed my eyes, slowly drifting off into a dreamless sleep.

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