4 It's 12 in the MIDNIGHT!

"You stood out among the crowd filled with masks."

Um, huh? What is he spouting? So, how exactly do I understand this? Why does it have a different meaning when you try to interpret it? I mean, it could be because I was beautiful or gorgeous that I stood out even when I'm wearing a mask, or it could be because I didn't seem pretentious enough. On what basis, though?

I squinted my eyes and felt uncomfortable with the sudden wind of silence. My phone alarmed, it was already 11:49 PM, and I have to, at least, find the prince on or before the masquerade party ends.

"I would love to talk with you guys," I bowed my head in respect to the people in front of me. "But I am afraid I have to go." I smiled at them, "It was nice meeting you, CEO Seo and Mr. Kim."

I hurriedly put all the things that seemed like mine and exited the hotel room. Honestly, it was a weird situation. I have to get out of it and get a punishment later. I hope that CEO Seo won't be roasting me after this masquerade party anytime soon.

I walked and walked. The hallway seemed to be very long, and I tried to find that suite number that I entered a while ago. It feels like I am not in my right mind. Sadly, I forgot the room number. So I guess I would just have to find the same bouncer earlier. I was gliding along with the rooms: everything looks almost the same. It seemed like an endless path where people get lost. But I was glad when I suddenly found the bouncer that I saw earlier.

I gave the bouncer a gentle look and smiled as if to remind him that I already entered earlier, and I don't have any tickets to give him. Luckily, it worked as he nodded and gave me an approving look. "Wear your mask,"

I nodded and entered the room again. In the same suite, I scanned the room and noticed that the number of people decreased the first time I came. How can I find the prince here?

I rummaged my purse to look at my phone, oh my, I could not find it anywhere. Did I lose it in CEO Seo's hotel room? I only have 100 days till I turn 25, and that means I have 100 days to make the reincarnated prince, fall in love with me, and romantically kiss me. Sure, it would be nice to fall in love and all, as long as he's my type. Ha-ha, it's not the time to try, and look for your ideal type Suji, do you want to cease to exist and turn into a foam again?


"Are you looking for your smartphone?" I heard a guy's voice suddenly coming near. I looked around and found that mister Kim Seungwoo southeast of me. He extended her arms, and there, I saw my phone in his grip.

"Thank you," I was trying to get my phone in his hand, but he suddenly took it away. Is this guy playing with me? I have no time to play games. "I need my phone, and I hope you can give it to me." I acted as if I was the most pathetic woman on Earth. "Pretty please,"

"Acting cute doesn't work on me." He just sneered and crossed his arms. "Don't you remember me?"

I closed my eyes and racked my brain. Why does it seem like this guy has all the time in his life? I mean, to be suddenly appearing in front of me and acting like we're friends or something? Or maybe we were?

"Umm," I hesitated. "I'm sorry, I tend to forget things easily, so I am not quite sure."

"You always tend to forget things to make the situation in your favor, Suji," He grabbed my left hand and put the phone on my palm. "You know my face and my name now, and you still don't remember?" He put both of his hands on his cheeks, "This face is something you won't forget, do you?"

Well, he's correct. How would I even forget that handsome face and cute dimples when he smiles. It was a team dinner, also a welcoming dinner for the newly hired newbies. The team was having so much fun, and I was having so much fun that I ended up drinking a lot of soju. I think it was past my limit as I completely blacked out. I remember making a fuss, and it was such a mess, even messier than earlier's throwing of the wine scene.

"You used to call me a prince," he raised his eyebrow at me and scoffed. "Your crown prince, to be exact."

How can he bring something that happened decades ago? Just kidding, it happened just yesterday. I was supposed to retort when I saw Woojin again walking in my direction. He always tries to prey on newbies just because they are higher-ups or something. He was wearing a fancy mask, but I could never forget his overall form and physique now.

I grabbed Seungwoo's arm and walked towards the corner of the suite. My back was on the wall, and he was right in front of me. I pulled him closer until our faces were only inches apart. I was so preoccupied with losing Woojin that I forgot about this handsome guy in front of me. My heart suddenly beat fast, and I was almost catching my breath. My goodness! Heart, stop beating so fast, okay?

"What are you doing?" He said informally and fixed his gaze on me. "Are you trying to make it seem like we are doing it?"

I was still on the lookout, and when I noticed that the queen be is not within my range anymore, I pushed him lightly and laughed nervously.

"You know what happens when a person is drunk," I tried to smile and laugh my way out, "You can choose to ignore that. I call everyone my 'prince' or my 'crown prince' when I am drunk."

"So, are you drunk?" Seungwoo asked again, dropping formalities.

"No, I am not," I said back, "Why do you keep on speaking informally?"

"You said that we're born in the same year," he replied. "And that we should speak informally,"

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"Are you upset?" he asked, "Should I speak formally again?"

"No, it's okay." I smiled at him. He took a step towards me, and I can smell his perfume. He smelled great, but I can smell a strong smell of alcohol too. "How many shots of whiskey did you have?"

"15-20 shots," he answered, and my eyes widened in shock. If it was me who t drank that, I'd be dead. "It's not quite a lot,"

"What do you mean it's not a lot?" I scolded him. "You really should come back to your senses."

He was silent. The room's atmosphere changed, and classical music played. Robert Schumann's Traumerei, this piece staked everything on one moment of epiphany. Classical music is supposed to calm anyone's heart, but I don't think I'll be able to calm myself down. I heard people say, "It's almost midnight already. It's the best time to kiss and become Cinderellas."

Haha, how I wish I am like Cinderella in my past life or something. Instead of being trampled by my stepsisters, I'll trample them instead.

His stare made me feel like I couldn't do anything about it. It's as if my heart is racing enough for me to have a heart attack.

He grabbed my left hand and placed it on his left shoulder while both of his hands were on my waist. It was only after a brief moment, and his face was suddenly inches before me.

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