13 A Story To Tell

"No," I denied. "It's not like that."

So, what is it exactly?" he asked, "A fling, perhaps?"

He seemed to be genuinely curious, and his eyes were sparkling under the moonlight's shade. I stared at his face, and he's surreal. I get butterflies in my stomach just by being with him. I didn't notice it earlier, but he was still wearing his suit from before. If I may have to point out, he always wears the same formal suit, necktie, and slacks. I sniffed him, and I noticed that he seemed to have been drinking some beer.

I scrunched my face and asked him, "Are you drunk?"

"I told you earlier that I went to the convenience store to buy some beer," he smirked. "No, I am not drunk."

"You seem to like to drink every time I meet you." I snorted, "It seems that you are more dangerous than anyone around here,"

He suddenly became serious, "What? Are you comparing me to the guy who was stalking you earlier?"

"Yes, I am,"

"Wah," He exhaled, "And after I helped you from being stalked, this is how I get treated?"

"I am just kidding," I laughed at his reaction, and he seemed cute to tease. It's payback time for teasing me.

"And now, you are kidding me?"

"Yes," I replied, and he pouted. "Next time, call me when you need a drinking buddy."

"Are you sure?"

I nodded, "Of course!"

He grinned at me, "Okay, Suji. I'll call you next time. It's your promise, okay?"

I smiled as I raised my hand. I offered a pinky promise, "Promise!"

He raised his hand as he intertwined both of our pink fingers, "Promise."

"My foot," I stuck out my tongue as I run towards the gate at our house. "I won't be available all the time, but if you call me for a drink, it's going to be your treat!"

I immediately entered our house after I heard him murmur, "Stupid, Suji."


After I took a shower, I fumbled with my phone. I saw a text message from CEO Seo.

CEO Seo Jinwoo: Don't forget tomorrow's short event at Kyunghee University.

Me: I won't be late, and see you tomorrow. :)

CEO Seo Jinwoo: Okay, good night.

A thought suddenly came. I really should ask Jinwoo if he went home, alright.

Me: Did you arrive safely at your apartment?

Seungwoo: Are you worrying about me?

Me: In your dreams.

Seungwoo: Admit it already. It is simple, and I know you are worried about me. I am too handsome for people to leave me alone.

After 5 minutes, he sent me a text message again.

Seungwoo: Why aren't you replying? Are you acknowledging me and my handsomeness?

Me: Yes, yes. Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Seungwoo: You insolent woman! How dare you mock me?

Me: Let's sleep now, okay.

Seungwoo: Good night.

Seungwoo: Did you feel any butterflies in your stomach?

Me: Let's sleep now, okay?

Seungwoo: Yes. Thanks for sending me a message, though. I appreciate it. :)

Me: You're welcome.

Seungwoo: Good night. :)

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I woke up on a Saturday feeling tired. Yesterday's cooking and all the running were madness I couldn't do just in a short time. I remember that I have to ride the bus going to Kyunghee University and walk a lot. I feel refreshed after taking a bath. This time, I'm treating myself to some instant coffee, Maxim. Just pour hot water, and voila! It's DONE!

Since I'm just going to be an audience, I wore a simple pink sweater paired with a long black pleated skirt and simple high heeled shoes. I had enough time to eat breakfast with my mom today. The event starts at 9:30, and it's still 8 AM. I took a seat in the dining table, and mom was across me, taking a bite of her kimchi fried rice.

"So," she started to open the topic, "how was your homemade food? Are you seducing the prince?"

"What do you mean seduce?" I asked, almost choking on my water. "Mom, I'm just taking things slowly."

"Are you dating already?"

"No," I denied. "Mom!"

"But you said he's a descendant of the sea witch," she said as she was chewing a piece of kimchi. "It's almost impossible that he's the prince."

"Almost?" I asked, "Then, there IS a chance that he may also be the reincarnated prince?"

"Well, yes. I mean, you said that CEO Seo has a birthmark similar to yours?" She observed my expression, "I haven't heard of any situation, but there were similar cases. I asked one of my friends, and he said it is possible to have your mortal nemesis's ancestors may be reborn as someone fated to you."

"Is it like, because that person's ancestor wronged me in my past life, that was why his/her descendant has to do something to pay his/her debt instead?"


"So, does that mean CEO Seo is the reincarnated prince that I am looking for?"

My mom was silent.

"Madam Li Jisoo," I said, "Please answer your daughter!"

"I don't know, I don't have the answers, okay?!" she snapped. "I told you to listen more to your gut feelings, and I mean that! What do you think about CEO Seo?"

"Well, I think he's a great guy," I responded. "A well-respected CEO and writer, handsome and kind."

She stared at me in disbelief, "That's it?"

I just smiled at her awkwardly.

"Then just kiss him already to know if he's the ONE," mom yelled. "You said he has been very active in expressing himself to you, right?"

"Well, I don't know. I guess I'll wait until I am one hundred percent sure that he is the one for me."

"Just make sure it doesn't take you 95 days to fall in love with you, whoever the prince is." She reminded me, over and over again, "Or else you'll disappear in this world."


"I majored in the Department of Media and Creative Writing like you before I took up Business Management," CEO Seo answered me as we were sitting near the stage for him to present himself skillfully later.

"I see," I replied shortly.

"But I am not that older than you," he leaned in to whisper as I was sitting right next to him. "I guess, I am just 4 years older than you are?"

"Do you know my age?"

"Yes, you are turning twenty-five, three months from now right?"

"How do you know?"

"I'm the CEO, knowing things like your birthday is easy," he smiled at me.

And at that moment, CEO Seo Jinwoo was called to go to the stage.

"It's nice meeting you here, Mr. Seo," the MC extended his hand, and CEO Seo shook them as a response and smiled. "It's been a while,"

"Yes, it is an honor for me to take part in this event and inspire the students about my story." He said and smiled at the audience, and I heard them murmuring about how handsome the CEO was. "

He gave a spectacular speech about his success as a writer and CEO.

The audience looked entertained. I got to know CEO Seo's story and why he became a writer and the Chief Executive Officer of a publishing company. He started as an aspiring writer, not knowing about anything at all. But he liked reading and writing. He has written poems and literature ever since he was a child. He was a fisherman's son, and the moment his parents were dead from a village fire at the age of 10, he became an orphan.

The local missionary volunteers adopted him in his hometown, Busan, and won several awards. He overcame all the obstacles in his life and even gave donations to the local orphanage.

"No one has it easy, you have to make an effort and waste a lot of time to make your dreams come true." He remarked as it seemed to be his closing comment. "Take a risk and don't be afraid to fail. Learn among the process. Believe in it, and surely, it will come."

The audience applauded.

A self-made CEO, most people commented.

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