4 11:11 Chapter 4

LUNCH BREAK and Samuel had been waiting for Britany for a while but it was still not there, thirty minutes ago but it did not come so he thought of calling it. he did not want it to go with her male classmate.


[Where are you?]

[Ahh sorry Sam ah I'm doing something]

[I said where are you?]

[I'm at the library, I'm with Xian, my classmate.I was teaching him on assignment] his eyebrows met when he heard what it said

.[You're with him again ?!] The irritation in his voice was obvious, he kept looking at it.

[Ahh yes, it's is easy, I'm teaching him, and I'm sorry Sam next time] she said and ended the call.

He lost his appetite so he just stoodup and went to the library, he just going to it.

He saw it with him the man who was also with himearlier. He did not know but he felt jealous?Wtf ?! Jealous ?! Yes, jealousy because he is mybestfriend and until then, I was jealous because he wasmy bestfriend.

He immediately approached them and sat down next toTan.

"Oh done eating right?" she asked him , he just nodded and looked badly at the man she was teaching

."Okay number two is wrong like this oh" the man came closer to Tan's place he felt annoyed while looking at it that Tan was teaching, theman looked at him as if teasing but he stared atit. He gave it a 'You're-dead' look but it didn'ttouch it, which made him even more irritated.

"Tan" he said but he was busy teaching Xianso he ignored him.

"Tan" he repeated but it seemed like no one heard,

"Tan" he pressed his voice so it looked at him

"What ?! Why?" disgusted by this question, he took he held Xian's hand then he dragged it out of the library."What ?! Let me go! Sam I'll still teach Xian"he said while trying to get out of his hand dragging it but he ignored it and draggedit to the Garden where they were hanging out

."What ?! What's your problem ?!" Annoyed by this question, he looked at it badly."No! I have no problem! Why didn't you wake upearlier ?! Why are you with that man ?!" he shouted angrily at it, it squeaked."Wow! Hey! Fyi Jonax Samuel Carson, I went with them because we did an assignment! I didn't wakeyou up because you had a good night's sleep and thenanother one. We only go together once so you don'tknow what I'm doing" she said at length, she stopped Samuel because of what it said.

We are no longer together?Why am I not aware? I didn't know I was leaving him. He's tumbled because of that."Look Tan I'm sorry, I just didn't have it inmy mind the other day" he looked into her eyes,then he sighed"Okay" he said then took the bag he was holding andturned around."Hey where are going ?!" he asked loudly,turned to her and spoke

"I'm going to eat hungry, won't you come?" He immediately ran when he heard what it said she first took his belongings then she followed it.They are in the cafeteria and ordering, they haveno place to sit because of the numberof students so they decided to eat at the Gardenbecause the air there is fresh.When they finished ordering, they immediately returnedto the Garden and when they had eaten, theirclass was still long.

So they still have time to eatand talk."Sam, I'll come with Xian later" introductionof it while they were eating, he frowned. Wth?Will she go with that man again ?! He feltannoyed again because she would go with a man he did not know."Why?" she asked frowning at this, he smiled at her"Ahh because we have a project, we will do it with them" she said and ate some food"What ?! We can only do it at home - I mean doit at your house ah" then he drank."Nasa kan--" he interrupted when he spokeagain."No, you just work at home" he said then he consumedthe coke in can he was holding, he sniffed thenhe nodded and smiled.

"Good, I'll go ahead I still have work to do. Waitfor me later, we will go home together." He saidthen he took the clutter and threw it in thetrash, then he walked away.

AFTER class he hurried out, he was closeto the Gate when he saw Tan standingand waiting for him. When he saw her, heimmediately waved and smiled at her"Xian is just next" he said as they went to the jeep,he just nodded and rode on it. The exact ride theytook was the departure of the Jeep so they didnot have to wait a few more minutes.

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Already fullthe jeep when they Ride so the ending is seatedon Tan's lap, he did not know but felthe warmed both his ears.Tan looked at him and they were bothshocked, how come, their faces are soclose that he can kiss her with just onemove. He first avoided it, he feltTan tremble so he looked at it again, he could not breathe easily."Oh anyare in your ear Sam? Why are youblushing?" he asked, he avoided looking at me Idon't know why.

Like someone else, the weirdfeeling he felt he ran a few kilometers because ofthe speed of his heartbeat. Mah hart, mah soul chos."I-you? Why are your ears red?" he asked again,he also averted his eyes and just keptquiet.

They were just quiet, he could see Tan's awkwardness so he just paid. When they got home,Tan immediately left the seat and wentstraight inside.He immediately went straight to his room andlay down on the bed, later he got up toget dressed and cook their dinner.

While cooking she could not help but smile whenshe remembered what happened earlier, he felt like there were worms in his stomach. Is this what they are saying, thrill? But why would I be thrilled?He doesn't know why I feel that way. It feels delicious.He just lost his smile when he heard a noise fromthe living room, he lost his mind that his classmatewas coming.

When he finished cooking, he went tothe living room, he saw Tan sitting on the floorand doing something while the man named Xianwas also doing something.He just went back to the kitchen to prepare what wascooked, then he went back to the living room. His eyesnarrowed at what he saw, and his eyebrows met.He saw a man named Xian walking towardsTan while Tan was the face of someonepointing at him, he approached their place andsecretly took Xian's hand that was with her and sat next to Tan."Dinner is ready" he said shortly then he took it

He just lost his smile when he heard a noise from the living room, he lost sight of the fact thathis classmate was coming. When he finished cooking,he went to the living room, he saw Tan sitting on thefloor and doing something while the man named Xianwas also doing something.He just went back to the kitchen to prepare what was cooked,then he returned to the living room.

The eyes narrowedhe saw, and raised an eyebrow.He saw a man named Xian walking towardsTan while Tan was the face of someonepointing at him, he approached their place andsecretly took Xian's hand that was with himand sat next to Tan."Dinner is ready" he said briefly then he tookthe ballpen he was holding. Tan looked at Xian and smiled."Come on Xian let's eat" he said, Xian smiled backhere and stood up.His eyebrows met,"What the?" he whispered while looking at them into the kitchen, he did not I know why but he was irritated by what he saw. It looks like he wants to drive that man away and he will do their assignment..