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In the early years of the universe, there was...nothing. Well not exactly nothing, you see somewhere in that deep all-encompassing darkness was a spark. A small flame that brought light and warmth to its surroundings...but it was but a spark, it didn't have the strength to push back the darkness.

And so for years it just rested there, providing heat and warmth, lighting up it's surroundings, providing a oasis in the darkness. But as time went by it slowly grew, from a spark of red to a flame of gold.

With each passing year it grew, and each passing year the darkness retreated in fear of the flame. But still it had no chance of ridding the world of the darkness so it kept to itself, only providing warmth and light to it's immediate surroundings.

As the darkness schemed of ways to purge the stain in it's masterpiece the flame schemed too. But not against the darkness, no, it was so lonely all by itself it wanted a companion. For the first time in it's life it reached out the the darkness...but instead of making friends it was lashed at, forcing it to return to it's little flame and be alone.

On and on the darkness schemed to rid of the flame and more and more the flame sank into sadness, no longer wanting to be alone...it shut itself off from the world and fell asleep.

Taking it's chance the darkness swarmed into the territory of the flame, purging the light and warmth but as it reach close to the flame it stopped. For some reason it didn't want to get rid of it now, so it returned to it's darkness and left the flame a small little area.

• • •

"Why must I spend my life alone?"

As if accusing it's self the flame questioned itself in it's sleep.

"Why does the darkness hate me?"

With each question the flames dimmed, and with each passing year the warmth it released cooled.

"I'll...just, sleep...goodbye darkness!"

And finally the bright golden flames sputtered out leaving behind a cold and empty core.

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The darkness sensing the disappearance of the flame felt something, an emotion it never felt before. Instead of feeling joy for the disappearance of the stain in it's masterpiece.

It felt alone...

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