*DROPPED* The Abbadon Chronicles*DROPPED* The Abbadon Chronicles

*DROPPED* The Abbadon Chronicles

by KamdusTDC

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***I DO NOT OWN THE IMAGE USED FOR THE COVER*** This story follows a unique individual in a world of cultivators this person is Warden who cannot cultivate due to the ancient god of Chaos from a world called oblivion this god is Abbadon Warden makes up for this however by being a walking tank he is one of only 2 knights and soon he'll meet two creatures that are heavily armored.....Samurai!!? he quickly befriends them and that is when things get truly interesting I'm still in school and even though I'm American I feel for people that have to learn english as a second language because I understand it's a pain I dont care for censoring words so please deal with that and I'll try to keep it to a minimum

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