1 The beginning of the story

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This story will start out slow but with descriptions of the characters and with a descriptions of the world.

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The Tristain Academy of Magic is a school that is responsible for educating young magicians in the way of magic in the kingdom of Tristain that teaches students from aristocratic families the arts of magic and the study of the elements earth, air, fire and water.

This academy has great prestige as the Tristain Academy was built in honor of Founder Brimir and his relative Gandálfr, after their deaths.

Mages are able to alter everything around them with the use of magic, but it is more focused on certain basic elements.

Water, fire, earth, air and the last element of which there are only records from the time of the founder Brimir, the element of emptiness.

The Tristain academy educates young mages with this kind of basic knowledge about magic, for example:

The number of elements that a mage uses can be increased, and his/her class changes accordingly. A mage who can use only one element is a Dot. Ability to use two elements - A line. Being able to use three element - A Triangle. Being able to use four element - A square. Spells are also applied to the class. The spells from three elements are called 'Triangle spells'. Each time the spell class rises, the consumption of willpower doubles. Two mages can combine spells into an even higher level spell force.

These are basic aspects of magic that have been handed down since the time of the founder Brimir.

It has always been this way and no exception has ever been seen, at least not counting some magic items that allow a mage to break these limitations, but these items are so rare that only records of them are kept.

Students at the school wear special cloaks to prove they are students.

The first year students have brown cloaks, the second year students have black cloaks and the third year students have purple cloaks.

The current administrator and principal of the academy is Osmond .

And the principal is currently reading an interesting file about a student arriving at his school today.


[ Tristain Academy Principal's Lounge]

"Hnmmmm... This seems very strange to me...." Principal Osmond commented as he looked through some documents.

"What's wrong Kouchou-sensei?( Headmaster) is there something troubling you?" the person who asked this, was a man with Glasses and a head without a hair of Tonto.... XD.....

this man was Jean Colbert, a man who is classified as a Square class fire mage, but despite this he is a pacifist who loves knowledge.

" Yes, I get a strange feeling every time I read this file...."

Colbert moves closer to review the documents the director is reading, after a quick observation he finds nothing strange.... After all

"Isn't this just a new student's information?" ..... " The teacher asks without seeing the strange, This is a school, It is normal for new wizards to enroll for magic orientation.

" normally that would be the case,....But there is something special about this young man's reputation,.... Guiche Grammont, "

"his reputation?..... Is it bad?...."

The director understood that colbert did not recognize the young man, just by name.

"Remember the incident of the assassins who broke into the mansion of an army general and killed 2 of his sons? ...."

"!! Yes, I remember, it was a very important case, it was never expected that a small group of men would manage to infiltrate a mansion full of guards... How does that case relate to the young Guiche?"

"The mansion that was attacked was that of General Grammont." The director explained.

"!!!??!!!... So the young Guiche is!!!?"

"Indeed, the Young Guiche, is the only surviving son of the Grammont House,.... After that horrible case, the general subjected his only surviving son to a hard training, I understand that the boy at a young age showed great talent in training,..... for that reason I am confused, the boy was trained by one of the best generals and magicians of the kingdom..... why would he want to enter a magical academy?... And more importantly, ..... why in the second year?... Why not do it from the first?"

"If what he seeks is to make friendly relations with a noble house or create contacts or influence with other nobles, why wait until the second year of classes, when most students have already created their social circles and forged friendships? ... What is the purpose of the young Guiche? ..... "

At the principal's words, Professor Colbert understood the concerns he had,...

Guiche's actions made no sense, a child who was trained for battle is voluntarily enrolling in a school that forbids fighting and encourages students to nurture themselves in the realm of knowledge.

"!!!.... It certainly is strange, But Kouchou-sensei, Young Grammont has the reputation of being a prodigy in magic, but he is still a child,..... perhaps, he got tired of living just to fight and wishes to live a more normal life like any young man of his age?...."

Those were Professor Colbert's sincere thoughts, he knows what living for war can be very mentally draining, he finds it hard to believe that a child can endure such a life without wishing for something more.

"...I hope so Colbert-sensei..... and I want to believe so....."

the teacher looked again at the documents in his hand and although he took colbert sensei's words into account something in the back of his mind whispered to him that this was not Guiche Grammont's real motive for enrolling in The academy.

Deciding not to spend too much energy thinking about that matter the director simply put down the papers and prepared to hope for the best.


Tristain Academy

Today is the first day of classes for second year student Louise de la Valliere. Who wakes up to feel the sunlight shining on her. After getting out of bed, she changes out of her nightgown and puts on her school uniform, then proceeds to brush her hair and heads to a mirror to take one last look at herself and check that nothing is disheveled in her outfit.

" I will do well today."

After saying those words of encouragement she heads to class after grabbing her wand.


[Tristain Academy classroom]

Once in class, Louise opens her notebook and sits on one of the benches in the most secluded part patiently waiting for class to begin.

She has already spent a whole year at this school and knows that from the back it is much easier for her to take notes without being disturbed by a certain personal enemy.

Once everyone has arrived in class, the teacher proceeds to introduce herself to the class.

This seemed like a simple and normal first day of school. What no one knew is that today a new student would be arriving at the school that would not only cause many changes in the school, but also in the entire kingdom.

But that's history for another time.

"Good morning class. I am Ms. Chevreuse, and I have been assigned to the Tristein Academy of Magic for this year. "

"Before I tell you what my element of experience is and my title as a magician, I would like to give you some news."

These is words caught the students' attention, as it was not very normal to receive announcements on the first day of school.

"Today a new student will be joining this class at The Academy,....."

This news quickly caused a stir among the students, many were anxious to know the gender of the new classmate they would have,

The boys obviously expected it to be a pretty girl of good body proportions, while the girls expected it to be a handsome boy, preferably blonde, as blonde boys were the most attractive according to the girls.

There was also a small part of students who were unhappy with this news, they have been studying magic for a year and now a person they do not know arrives and thinks he is at their level, most of the young people in the classroom have a very big ego, it is normal that after a year learning magic they feel superior to others who have not had as much preparation as them. (Poor deluded ones)

Among the group of girls was the young but well developed, Kirche Augusta Frederica Von Anhalt Zerbst, a young noblewoman with light brown eyes, very seductive, her skin is brown and her hair is long and red, but what stood out most about her, was her very provocative figure.

She was talking to her friend about the new student.

"…. Do you think he's a boy? ..... I hope he's a cute boy, I'm getting tired of the ones at school..... what do you think Tabitha?"


The only answer Kirche received from her friend was silence, but this didn't bother her, she was already used to this.

The girl who did not answer Kirche's question was a slim young girl With short blue hair, eyes of the same color, clearly seen through her red rimmed glasses, the most remarkable thing about this young girl was that, although she does not have an abundant figure like Kirche, her slim figure and beautiful face easily captivated most men, as her lack of expressions on her face made her look like a beautiful porcelain doll,

This girl's name was Charlotte Hélène d'Orléans, although for certain situations, she hid her name and only answered to the name Tabitha.

As Kirche continued to talk to her, the teacher continued to speak.

"some may be unhappy with this, but let me assure you that despite the fact that your New classmate received magical education at home, his level is on par with yours, I would even go so far as to say he is even better in some areas of magic than most of the class."

This again caused a certain amount of surprise in the young people in the class, if a teacher says something like that then this new student must be good, Or at least be decently good at magic.

" I already told you about him, I guess you can meet him already,... Please Come into the classroom.!!!!." The teacher said this sentence as she looked at the doorway to the classroom, intending for her voice to be heard by the person outside the classroom.

The door opened and the reaction from the class was not long in coming,

The boys were disappointed some even a little angry and worried, after all the new student was actually a man... and much worse, to their disappointment, he was a very attractive man, that meant he would attract the attention of the girls.

On the girls' side, they were clearly happy, some were even elated, the young man who entered had a very noble bearing, he was blond, blue eyed and walked with grace and elegance.... Although not all the girls reacted in these ways, there were two girls who reacted differently.

One, was young Louise de la Valliere, she was a little surprised but quickly overcame her surprise by confusion and ultimately simply preferred to ignore the events.

The other, was young Tabitha, at first she didn't care who this young man is, but when he started walking, only she noticed that he didn't walk like typical untrained Nobles, Tabitha was trained to become a chevarier( knight) and her years of training told her one thing about this new classmate.

"He is strong" Tabitha said this as a whisper and maybe her friend would have heard her if she wasn't staring blankly fantasizing about the new student.

" Haaa....!!... Handsome and blue-eyed, just the way I like boys...." Kirche said without hiding her clear interest in the boy.

"....." Tabitha simply ignored her friend, they may get along, but sometimes she just doesn't understand her.

While everyone in the room had different reactions to the new student.

The cause of all these reactions was carefully observing the people he considered relevant inside the classroom.


Guiche Pov]

( the Pink Hair, is at the farthest part, The redhead Voluptuous is next to her friend the blonde-haired one... I haven't seen Louise for a long time,... I see that her chest is still pitiful,..... Princess Charlotte [ Tabitha] is here, just like in the anime she befriended The Sexy Redhead..... )

(I have to admit she's beautiful... and from the looks she's giving me, I could easily take her with me to bed, but.... I'm a little reluctant to stick my dick where more men than I can count have played... I'm going to check her out,.... Who knows? It might be one of those cases where The Girl gets caught up in her bad reputation even though she's more virgin than Honey..... I hope so).

( For Louise's part, if she would stop yelling and complaining about every little thing, I could enjoy some sex with her no problem, despite her attitude, if she's quiet, she's cute).


[ Hi, you might be wondering what the heck am I saying in my mind... or you might be wondering who the heck am I, because obviously I am not Guiche Grammont,... and you are right, ..... I am not Guiche, ..... at least not the original, ..... for you to understand who I am and how I got here, first I have to tell you what happened to me.]

[ You see, I was a simple college student, I was also an otaku, but not one of those who only know 1 or 2 animes.... No..... I was a real otaku, the amount of anime I watched in my life I'm sure it was at least three digits,..... I even studied a bit of programming and kanji just to be able to play videogames translated to my native language.... But let's leave that for another time.... Let me tell you what really matters,]

[ I died..... yes that's right, I Died,.... I don't remember how, but I was definitely dead]

[ But then something happened, I woke up from a dream,..... but I didn't wake up in my original body,....no... I wasn't even in my original world,]

[ I'm sure you guys will already understand what I mean, That's right folks, somehow I fulfilled the dream of every otaku, an isekai reincarnation..... and not just any Isekai.... Reincarnation in the world of anime Zero no tsukaima... how do I know?.... Well, in this world there is magic, elves, and the kingdom where I live is called Tristain..... those were very obvious clues to know where I was.... But what really made me understand what world I was in, was my new name..... was no longer $$&&5+(($#&. Now my name was Guiche Grammont.....]

[ That's right, Guiche Grammont,..... don't you remember him?..... Do you remember that pompous blond Playboy character from the show?..... Yes?... Well, I was reincarnated as that pompous blond Playboy...]

[ When I accepted that this was my new life, there was only one thing to do, prepare myself, ]

[ I know what's going to happen, I watched the anime enough times to know everything important in the story, use that knowledge and I'm going to accomplish my goals in this world!,.... I will not fail.... After all I made a promise]

[ If you were looking for the story of some great hero who saves the princess and lives happily ever after with her, then let me tell you that you are in the wrong story,.... This is the story of a greedy, vengeful and selfish Man who will seek to become something more than just a magician,.....]

This is my story.... No..... my legend,.. the legend of Guiche Grammont!!!.!.


I stand in front of all these nobles without losing detail of their reactions , and with a Small bow I introduced myself.

"My Name is Guiche Grammont.... From today I will be your classmate,.... I will give you some advice,.... Avoid acting badly in front of me... I am not good at repressing my emotions and if I think something is wrong, I will use force to stop it."

An uncomfortable silence caused by my words fills the room,

Though the silence doesn't last long because the teacher tries to change the mood.

"Well,..... I guess that will be enough as your presentation Young Grammont.... Please take a seat." Says the teacher, awkwardly.

As I make my way to a seat I can hear some whispers like.

" How insolent"" she thinks she is so special" " Home school is different from reality" " too arrogant" although most of those comments come from the boys.

Some girls say different things.

" He has a very attractive rebel look!"" he looks like a prince"" Does he have a girlfriend or fiancée?"

( These girls..... with how urgent they are, I wouldn't be surprised if most of them are virgins).

I ignored the whispers and continued on my way until I picked my seat..... A good spot in the high back but more importantly, next to my old and annoying childhood friend, Louise.

(That's right, childhood friend, I knew she is the main character and making friends with the main characters is a natural thing to do, plus, thanks to my friendship with Louise I met a young Henrietta).

She just ignored me and paid attention to the class (I was already expecting this reaction from her ... and the truth is that's what I need, eventually if everything goes well, she will regret the way she acts with me).

"Very well, class, let's continue...My element of expertise is earth and I am known as Chevreuse, the Red Moon. I will be teaching you about earth magic for this year. Now, can anyone tell me what the four main elements of magic are?" says Ms. Chevreuse.

(It really bores me to have to be in class, but it is necessary if I want to be part of history).

A student stands up to answer the teacher's question. With a bit of flair in his hair and waving the rose in his hand, he answers. "The four elements are earth, water, fire and air. And it just so happens that the element I am able to cast is earth like you teacher....

( Wow!!!.... This idiot acts like the original Guiche Grammont! .... Is it fate that there is always an idiot skirt chaser in this story??.....)

Talking about destiny may be a bit stupid and a subject that would make you question if I'm right in the head,.... But I am a reincarnated in a world that is supposed to be fictional, where magic and elves exist... It is normal that things like destiny become a little less absurd from my point of view.

The teacher continues with the lesson.

"Now earth magic is very important as it is involved in the revitalization of all things. And for me to demonstrate that to you students, I will have you remember a basic alchemy spell." The teacher places some rocks on her podium and takes out her wand to cast the spell on the rocks, which causes them to turn metallic with a gold-like appearance.

All the students gasp as Kirche stops looking dreamy at Guiche and immediately stands up in surprise and shouts asking if that is gold.

Mrs. Chevreuse replies with a no, that it is actually bronze and the student sits back down disappointed.

( I always wondered why none of these "supposedly expert Magicians" have ever turned Coal into diamonds,..... that should be so much easier than turning stones into copper,.... And I discovered that since the development of science is very little in this world, the magicians use magic to fill the egg of information in their minds to alter the elements....)

(They believe that a diamond is a very complicated thing to create and so they use too much magic to create 1,..... I was not a genius in chemistry but I have ingrained in my mind that creating diamonds artificially, if you have carbon and a few other things, is relatively easy to do..... that makes a difference,..... the knowledge.)

Ms. Chevreuse then says "I'll have someone try it now," and looks around for a second at the students and points to Louise, "You there, in the back."

All the students in the class gasp and start to panic a little once they see that the teacher has called out the one student in the entire academy who, every time she tries to cast a spell, it always backfires and ends in disaster. The professor asks what her name is. She replies to the professor "My name is Louise, Louise de la Valliere" and stands up.

A student immediately raises his hand and calls out to the teacher. The professor turns to look at the student who called her name and asks "Is something wrong?".

The student replies "I think it would be better not to call her out," all the students nod in agreement. The same red-haired girl who spoke when the teacher cast the alchemy spell shouts, "It's dangerous! Her casting the spell wouldn't end well for any of us. If you're going to make Louise cast that spell, it would be better if I cast it instead." Louise immediately became irritated by what that girl said.

( Yes, she's definitely angry,..... I guess I should show a little concern for her.)

Mrs. Chevreuse replies to the girl "Dangerous? How could alchemy be dangerous?".

Louise becomes even more irritated as the conversation between teacher and student progresses.

"Louise, you don't need to prove anything to anyone, if you don't want to do it you don't need to ...." I said in a low voice trying to reassure her.

Finally she can't take it anymore and yells "I'll cast the spell! Please let me do it!".

The students begin to panic and become even more nervous at Louise's cry of wanting to cast the spell. As Louise proceeds to walk from her seat to the teacher's podium, all the students begin to move as far away from her as possible as Tabitha gets up from her seat and walks out of the classroom while reading a book. Already knowing what is going to happen.

( Smart decision Tabitha,.... Smart decision..... I would do the same but I need to look like I trust Louise).

I don't sit idle and also do some preparations for the impending explosion.

Once Louise reaches the podium, she takes out her wand to prepare to cast the spell. Kirche speaks to her saying.

"Louise, stop before it's too late. We all know how this is going to end."

Louise just tells her to shut up and looks to the professor for instructions, "Okay, think hard about the metal you want to turn these rocks into and say Rel In Yan." She nods her head towards the professor, chanting the words for the spell and throws it at the rocks. The rocks begin to glow and then there is a flash of bright light that illuminates the room, within seconds a great sound is heard.
















Inside the classroom. There is a large cloud of dust with everything in the classroom destroyed with Louise standing where she was when the explosion occurred,

Although unlike the original story, where she has her clothes ripped, this time she was without a scratch and her clothes without a speck of dust.....

Even she was a little surprised by this, until she saw Guiche looking at her.

She understood that, somehow he kept her safe from the explosion.... As usual he is too Talented, and that annoyed her.

The students start to get up from where they are groaning in pain. All except Guiche was without a scratch.

As for Kirche, her clothes torn in some places, she immediately gets up and shouts "This is why I told you not to do anything!

Louise simply replies "Looks like I was a bit wrong".

Then a student stands up and shouts "Your success rate to date with every spell you've cast has been zero!". Poor Professor Chevreuse can be seen lying on the floor unconscious.

Guiche watches all this and can only think one thing.

( Something as simple as a transmission spell has this kind of explosive power..... she is definitely very powerful..)


[ Tristain Academy, After School]

Later, when Louise comes out of the principal's office and goes downstairs, she meets Kirche Tabitha and a blonde girl with a strange swirly hairstyle, This girl is the one who was sitting next to the Boy who took the role of Playboy, now that Guiche is not,

This girl's name is Montmorency Marguerite la Fère de Montmorency, a young noblewoman with a slender figure and pretty face, she is not especially beautiful but has a certain amount of charm.

"So how was it, are they finally kicking you out? ,Just kidding," Kirche says teasingly.

"I'm not being punished," Louise replies. The redhead and the other girls are both surprised that she's not being punished and ask why, while Tabitha continues to read the book she's holding.

"They said it was partly the teacher's fault for allowing me to cast the spell even after all the students tried to stop her. Besides, I wasn't at my best today," she says.

" ha,ha,ha,ha,ha!!!" Montmorency laughs at this.

"You always say you're having a bad day when a spell goes wrong. You can't even get a real mage title, Louise the Zero!" Kirche says mocking Louise.

The two girls proceed to laugh at Louise. She tells them to shut up.

"It's going to be quite a show tomorrow! I wonder what kind of familiar you'll be summoning. Probably a pretty lousy one" and the girls laugh.

Again Louise gets angry.

Louise yells at them, "Unlike any other spell, I trust the summoning familiar, at least! You see! I will summon a familiar so amazing that it will be better than anything you can summon," she continues walking on The stairs to go to her room.


In Louise's room she is in her bed regretting the words she said to Kirche and her friends.

" I shouldn't have said that!... "

Her mind wandered for a moment those thoughts led her to think about the new classmate ...

She knew him, they were friends in their childhood, And although they got along well, Louise could tell that at the moment she didn't like him.

He always proved to be a prodigy, someone impossible to match, and that bothered her.

Louise simply decided to stop thinking about it and closed her eyes to sleep.

" I hope tomorrow everything will go well....."


While Louise was Sleeping Our protagonist was in her room watching the moon from the window.

" tomorrow begins,... despite everything I've done for this moment, I'm a little nervous....."

"Tomorrow Louise will summon Saito to this world and the story will officially begin. .... Before I hated Saito for being an idiot who wasted his amazing situation..... but now that I'm here, I have to say that I feel sorry for him..... he didn't die before coming to this world, his family must be waiting for him,..... "

" Separating from everyone you know and love is hard, and despite all that, he survived a lot of difficult trials,.... That deserves some respect... I'm sorry saito, but, I'm going to use you as a tool,.... If I want to survive that huge dragon from the apocalypse, then I'll need your help....."

" Don't worry, I promise that when it's all over, I'll make you come back home, it's the least I can do for you.... " I said those words and took a glass of wine, I raised it in honor and thanks to young Hiraga Saito.

He doesn't know it yet, but he will be an important tool for my plans.


The next morning

Another new school day has arrived at Tristain Academy, but today is a bit of a special day, all the second year students gather outside for the summoning ritual.

Professor Colbert is there with them as in charge of teaching them how to summon a familiar.

"Finally, today is the day of the familiar invocation ritual. This will be the first test for the second year students, as well as the first holy day where they will meet their familiars, with whom they will spend the rest of their lives as nobles "says the professor.

As the professor continues to talk to them, Kirche speaks to Louise.

"I can't wait to see what kind of amazing familiar you said you would summon."

Moments later, the professor has each student cast the summoning spell.


After the first student casts the spell, that student ends up summoning a one-eyed floating creature known as a bugbear. After that the teacher is heard calling for the next student to cast it. The spell.

"That would be me, Guiche de Grammont, Mr. Colbert. ", he says and begins the summoning spell. As he performs the summoning spell.

Although, as you know he is an otaku.... It is normal that he has a chant more.... Original to summon a familiar.

Everyone pays attention to the new student, Some have investigated him and found out that he is a so-called prodigy in magic.

So they want to know what kind of familiar he will summon.

( I guess I can be a bit dramatic about this ....)

With a simple wave of the hands, on the ground where Guiche is, a strange circle was drawn, with some strange symbols.

Everyone looked in amazement at the ease with which Guiche altered the ground, it was obvious he used magic to do it, but it was so fast and without saying any incantations, that took skill.

" I guess I'm ready,... let's begin...."

Guiche began to recite a strange chant, in a language that no one understood.


"Iron and silver as the base, Earth and mana as the cornerstone, without master or ancestors, the gates of the four elements open, the path from the crown begins to rotate, "

"Satisfy, satisfy, satisfy, satisfy, satisfy, satisfy."

" " Destroy until satisfied, Ready!,,"


[ Guiche Pov]

At this point in the chant I began to speak the same language as my companions and master, there is no point in chanting if no one understands what I am saying.

" I command you, come to me, your sword controls my destiny, following the rules of this world, respond if you accept my will and my reason.

I swear here, I will be all the good in the world, and I will be the one who judges the evil of this world, from the gates of the spiritual world,


After those words came out of my mouth a bright light Mowed down everyone and in front of me appeared My familiar.

In the form of a Black dragon, Strong and Imposing,.....

I watched everyone's responses to seeing My familiar.

( Yes... that definitely impressed them... this whole summoning thing was a complete farce, but I need to follow the script to some extent... besides, it would be weird if everyone knew that I already had a familiar before I came to the academy).

[ Time after the commotion caused by Guiche and his novel form of Summoning ]

Some time later a burst of flames is heard and Guiche looks over to where the red-haired Kirche is and sees that she summoned a salamander just like in the anime.

"You summoned a rather eccentric familiar there, Miss Zerbst," says the professor.

"Fits my name, Kirche the Fever" says the redhead. Which I notice me looking at her, she winks at me and I just ignore that.

The professor then proceeds to ask if everyone has performed the summoning ritual.

"Not yet, miss. Valliere hasn't left yet," Kirche tells Professor Colbert with a smile. All the students gather in a circle with Louise in the middle to watch and see what she will summon.

( This is about to start, I just hope that The Changes I have made are not that important and that it is saito the summoned person... I would hate to have to deal with unknown factors at this point).

I put my worries for later and watch Louise prepare.


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