3 These Dreams Lately...


Lately, I have been having dreams about him. I can get him out of my mind! With his dreamy brown eyes... brown hair... that perfect smile, God what is wrong with me?

I'm usually known for doing my missions and not falling in love with other people especially if they were on my team. The real question is though how would they react if I had told them how I felt about them? The literal playboy!

He's only into girls though right, I mean I've never heard of him hooking up with a male never. So I knew it, I had no chance unless there was something I didn't know about him.

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I could maybe ask Natasha for advice, I know she would be reliable with this massive secret at least I hope she will. So The next thing I know is I ended up on the road with my motorcycle driving to the tower just over some advice.

I will admit it took a little bit to get there but right as I walked in he was there. Tony Stark, genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist. He greeted me with a simple 'hey'.

I asked him if he knew where Natasha was he spoke softly and said "She's in her room upstairs doing God knows what."

I used the elevator to get up to her room level and knocked on the door. "Come in!" she said quite loudly. I walked into Nat's room she was wearing a white hoodie with shorts. "So what do you need Steve?" I need advice I blurred out.


I started to wonder why Steve was here. He never comes here unless it is either something important or if he is just spending the night. Honestly, I had no clue why he was here.

But I did know I have been remembering the dreams I have been having recently. They have been about Steve... Just everything about him is perfect!

Then I thought. He's straighter than a flagpole! But I have noticed him looking at me a lot while he is shining red did he like me maybe? Then I would have to find out a plan to break up with Pepper.

I gave Pepper a call and asked her if we could meet up and talk. She said we could and what's this about. I told her I would tell her when we met up.


So you like him huh? I asked Steve with a smirk. "How could you tell?? I just got here!" I saw Steve Blushing from embarrassment

We talked for a couple of minutes and I could tell Steve was really into Tony. Even when I mention his name I can notice the slightest blush.

So I had an idea and I told Steve to try and talk with him more and more, maybe invite him to go get some lunch together? He agreed that it was a good idea.

Before Steve walked out he waved goodbye and said "Thank you, Nat." I told him anytime if you need me I'm here.


As I was walking down the halls leaving Natasha's room I saw Tony's door open. With a note on his desk.

I wanted to go in so before I went in I checked to see if anyone was around me I saw Clint and Banner watching T.V but let's hope they don't notice me.

I walked into the room and looked at the note. I could make much of it because it was scribbled on with a sharpie. The only words could see from it was, "Steve." "I know I know." and the last thing I saw from the note left me speechless.

"I'm all yours."

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