4 The Chase

It's been around 4 days since I saw that note from Tony, he still doesn't know that I read the note in his room. I didn't talk to anyone about it because they may bring it up when talking to Tony. I can't take that risk.

I couldn't trust anyone including Nat. She brings up things like this pretty easily. For now, I'm just going to keep that secret for myself. Sigh. I was still laying in my bed it felt like clouds it was so soft. I didn't want to get up even though it was already 6:45 AM. I decided

to go make everyone breakfast since I was still in the tower.

I took a quick shower put on sweatpants and a long sleeve white t-shirt and just some white socks. I made my way to the kitchen and by surprise, nobody was in there, I made some pancake batter and as I was making it, of course, Tony was the first to walk in. Isn't Tony mainly not a morning person?

I shoot him a quick question of why he is up so early because he never is up so early. "I haven't slept I have been in my lab working all night." I will admit I was worried about him not sleeping long enough. "So what are you making for breakfast?" I heard Clint say as he emerged from the dark. dun dun dun.

"Had anyone told you both you would probably make a good couple? I heard Clint wheeze about it. I looked away quickly, I knew I was probably bright red by now. "Don't embarrass Steve like that" I heard Nat say as she giggled.

"I bet you both would be a good couple!" Tony laughed at Clint and Nat. They both looked away quickly in response to that, me and Tony could tell they were a shade of hot pink.

As I was finishing the pancakes up, they smelt promising, at the time they were done everyone was awake and literally, DEVOURING them. It only took a few minutes to eat all the pancakes and trust me I made a lot.

Friday alerted us that they found Wade around 8 miles away from the tower. Nat, Clint, and Banner offered to help us turn him in but Tony didn't want help, "This mission was only made for me and Steve to complete, let us handle it."

We suited up quickly and prepared to leave to go to find Wade's current location.


I will admit I was nervous to go to find Wade because I knew he would put up a fight against us. Evil doesn't go down so easily, you need to fight back.

I heard Steves motorcycle turn on as he yelled "come on let's go!"I could see him in his tight suit, damn that ass, though. (I'm sorry I had to ��)

I got inside my suit and asked Friday to tell me the location of Wade, I uploaded the location to Steve, and then we were off.

As I was flying over him on our way there I looked down at Steve he couldn't tell I was looking over him, I was admiring him until I heard an explosion.

Looks like Steve found him. I rushed down there to only find smoke it was hard to see.

As I was looking around for Steve a punch landed on my face, I could tell it wasn't Steve because this punch wasn't as strong as his. It was Wades. "Come on wade we both know that you don't want to do this" I heard Steve say."But I do," he said. His voice sounded scratchy, but I could tell he had something wrong with him I could sense it.

I saw him in the distance, so I did something I may have regret. I shot him with a bullet, but he didn't fall. He got back up and his wounds were already healing. Shit. He had his guns he shot at me, but my suit protected most of them. A bullet went through my upper thigh, before I knew it everything was black.


I saw Tony fall, I felt the distress he was in I chased him down, it was very obvious to see him in his red suit, people called him Deadpool I'm pretty sure that's what they call him.

I was catching up until I got the chance I threw my shield right towards his head. He got knocked out. I had called Fury and told him we got Wade before I knew it some of S.H.I.E.L.D. was here taking him to who knows where.

I turned around and saw Tony on the floor. I ripped off his suit and saw his leg bleeding out. I was upset with Wade for this. I picked him up gently trying not to hurt him even more. I asked Fury if we could take Tony to the shield medical center because we don't want attention towards us at a public hospital.

He agreed to take us there. It only took a few minutes to get there. Their cars were fast. Right, when we got there, they rushed Tony inside a room, put IVs in him, gave him all random shots. I was worried.

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A doctor came out of the room and asked if they could perform surgery to get the bullet out since it was deep in his thigh, I agreed. I decided to call Nat she picked up pretty quick.

"Hey what's wrong Steve?" she asked worried since she had no clue of what was going on. Tony's at the S.H.I.E.L.D. the medical center, he is currently in surgery getting a bullet out of his leg. "WHAT? WHAT HAPPENED?"

Before I knew it, Nat, Clint, Banner, and Wanda were here. They wanted to know what happened, so I took the time and explained to them what went on. "I can't believe him," said Clint

The doctor came back out while other doctors and nurses were still doing the surgery "He will have to stay here for a day or two after we remove the bullet to make sure everything should be fine."

-Authors Note

Thank you so much for 1k reads I honestly never thought I would get this far!!! I'm also very sorry for the slow updates I'm super busy in school, I'm not doing so well in school. Hah. Anywaysysysyysysysyss I will try to update more as my friend keeps begging me to write more 😂😂 anyways thank you!! :D leave what I should do in the comments.