2 Slow day


Today was just another normal day, although I do have a mission to complete today. That is to collect information and put him down. I groaned while getting out of bed.

Right as I walked out of my room only wearing a white t-shirt and some boxers with my hair all messy I see Tony sitting on my couch. Let's just say I was a bit shocked.

I went over to him he was asleep on my couch, probably because he is not a morning person, either he doesn't sleep or he ends up sleeping towards the afternoon. I could see his arc reactor glowing under his shirt, I don't know why but I blushed a bit at it.

I gave him a slight tap on the shoulder to wake him up and all I saw was his desirable brown eyes as he was still in the process of waking up.


As I had awoken I forgot I had fallen asleep on Steves's couch! When I rubbed my eyes to where I could open them I saw him gazing at me.

Once he noticed I had fully woken up I said 'hey' in a sleep-ish tone. He said "didn't get too much sleep huh? When I woke up I saw you sleeping on my couch."

'Oh uhm right I wanted to know if you would want to work on this mission? We only have 2 weeks to work on this so why not get it done early.' I replied

"Fine, then we will work on this so we can finish it," Steve mumble, But before we start can we get breakfast I'm famished!


Before I was going to ask him where he wanted to eat I quickly changed into decent clothes. Jeans kept my t-shirt on and a comfy jacket.

I sighed and agreed, where do you want to gooo Tony? "IHOP.," he said I responded with a grunt and said to him alright let's go. As we went down the elevator in my apartment, I could not tell if he could see me blushing, I was pretty embarrassed.

When we got down to the first floor Tony instantly said: "We are taking my car come on getting in!" I wasn't used to all these expensive cars so it was a bit different than normal.

Tony looked nice in what he was wearing, that's what I thought at least. During the whole car ride, I just kept thinking to myself 'can he see me blushing? why does he look so handsome? Why do I like this man? He's probably straight.'

When we arrived our luck, Ihop was

C L O S E D. Due to a problem with overflowing toilets.

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Bummer, I was really hungry too I mumbled until Steve subjected an idea we should have thought of, Steve said "why not I just make you some food back at my place." I felt dumb because we didn't think of that.

While we were driving back to his apartment we made some small talk about just talking about what each other likes, etc. I didn't notice but I was blushing??!

Thank goodness it wasn't enough blush that Steve wouldn't notice, but I have been recalling Steve has been acting differently towards me in an odd way. I would say he likes me but isn't he like straight. Guess we will have to change that if he is or not. I smerked

We had finally arrived back at his apartment when we got back into his room he made me some scrambled eggs, toast, and bacon. It was amazing until my phone rang it was from Pepper.

She called asking where I have been this morning I lied and told her I and Steve were training, and that we had already eaten breakfast. I ended the call with "I love you." but honestly, I didn't mean it. Sorry pepper. I have already fallen for somebody else.

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