1 A normal day

-Editors Note-

(Hello, I would like to say Hello if you're reading this and I appreciate it if you are reading this story. Sorry if this is pretty bad though I'm new to writing stories)

-Steve's POV-

As I got up feeling the vibrating of my phone on my bed I answered it quickly as he saw it was a call from Director Fury as he answered the phone I said in a sleepy voice "hello?" wondering why he called me so early I thought to myself, probably for a mission. "Captain I have a mission for you, and Tony so gets here quickly," Fury said in a pissed off tone.

Steve quickly got up and started to take off his white T-shirt and boxers to take a quick shower before he went to S.H.E.L.D. As he got out drying his hair and getting his favorite leather jacket on and his grey T-shirt with some jeans he left his house and took his motorcycle to S.H.E.L.D. When he arrived at S.H.E.L.D Director Fury was already waiting in the meeting room while still waiting on Tony to be there.

A couple of minutes went by still waiting for Tony to arrive at S.H.E.L.D they heard the Ironman thrusters getting closer and closer until they saw the suit and Tony walked out of it.

-Tony's POV-

As I arrived at S.H.E.L.D I could see Fury and Steve waiting for me in a private room. As I walk into the room I joke around with Steve saying "Hey capsule" I said jokingly "Shut up!" Steve said. "Why are we both here?" Steve and I said together, "You both have been assigned to find a person called "Deadpool." we don't know too much about him but we do know his name Wade Wilson. He was in a fire a while ago but after that fire he changed."

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When Fury gave me and Steve the files on him we both looked at the information they had on him quickly. Fury explained that they would have 2 weeks to find more information about him and bring him in. Fury left the room leaving only Steve and Tony by there selfs. "Only 2 weeks?" I whispered to myself "I bet I could do it in one week" I said to Steve and before I left the room I said," see you later capsule." I winked.

-Steve's POV-

I blushed a bit even know I knew Tony was joking around. I thought to myself for a while thinking was I falling for him? Did I have a crush on Tony Stark?

-Editors Note-

(Hello! I would like to thank you if you're reading this because this would mean a lot to me if you were reading my story. I am also new to writing and I will try and update every couple of days :) Furthermore sorry if this was short I will try to make my other stories in the future longer! Sometimes it may take a bit for me to post because i might be really busy on some weeks)

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