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(SLOW)Eternal Sword's Pirates [One Piece]


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[Title still temporary, will change it as story goes since I'm using Machine Translator so I doubt its Accurate] Luo Tianyu woke up and found that he actually crossed into the world of One Piece... He broke the fate... He rushed to the naval headquarters. He collided with the four emperors for a promise... Luo Tianyu: "Being reborn in this chaotic world on pirates era, I step on the stage, the sword refers to the eternal life, this world will see my brilliance." Tao Zhizhu must die! ! ! ! (TN : I don't know who's that Tao Zhizhu is) ======= My attempt on Translating with using MTL while rearranging sentence into more readable sentences. Raw Link : https://www.uukanshu.com/b/75278/ Status : 94 Chapter [4 months no updates/hiatus?]