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Read (Search for new one:- The Day When She Accepts Ne) novel written by the author Demigod_of_All on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Realistic Fiction stories, covering romance, campus. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


A boy named Sue who is the topper of his class always remains silent and of cold nature. So many boys and girls in his class wanted to befriend him, but he never makes any friends because he think that everyone wanted to befriend him. After all, he's the topper of his class. He is secretly in love with a girl named Marie who is the 2nd topper of his class and she is also secretly in love with him... It's already the day of graduation, will they both accept their Love towards each other or else they both became apart from then....? Note:- This Artwork doesn't belong to me and if anyone knew the artist of this work then please let me know and I'll credit them. Search for the new one. Name:- The Day When She Accepts Ne Here's the link:- http://wbnv.in/a/a8gYjsZ Hope you all enjoy it.


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Hello Dear Readers. This is me, Demigod_of_All. I Hope You Like this Novel Series. A Love story of a Boy and a Girl who love each other but the difference between them is about their sociality. He is an introvert and the girl is an extrovert. I Hope You All Enjoyed it. After three months of serialization, this series finally came to an End. To the characters who are a great part of the series. Miss Yasashi. A Great Teacher who always supports her students and never gives up on helping them. A friendly teacher whom every Student wants. Thanks for your support. Sue's Parents. The Parents always support their child and show him the right way of life. Thanks for your support. Sue's little sister Ema. A Loving and Caring Little Sister. Thanks for your support. Hashibana. You are the best friend of Marie. You always help her in her need. Thanks for your support. Tashi and Kannazuki. I Know you two feel so bad after being rejected by Your Love Hashibana and Marie but boys fear not, Life is so big. You two sure find someone for you. But Really, Thanks for your support. Marie. You Love Sue So Much. And Always trust him. You're the Female protagonist of my Novel. And now you two are getting married. I Wish You Two A Long and Healthy and Happy Life Together. Thank You So Much for your support. Sue. You're the Male protagonist of my Novel. You Love Marie so much. And Always wanted to be with her. And now you two are getting married too. I Wish You Two A Long and Healthy and Happy Life Together. Always Trust her and never let a misunderstanding make you two apart. Thank You So Much for your support. Other Sue. You're a Wise Man in my eyes. You Always support Sue and never let him give up. You are the one who brings backlight to his life. I feel bad that you're no longer here. But I hope you live a happy afterlife. Thanks for your support. And Again Thanks for your support Everyone.


It really got me wanting to read more [img=update] The story may be a fast pace but its still interesting how the MC's development goes. All in all its really got me curious [img=update][img=update][img=update]


why is this story over so soon? Author san, do you not know the webnovel rule of 100+ chapters? But seriously, a lovely story to read, and an interesting format. just lose the brackets I hate them.🤣


This is a good book, although the first few chapters are a few info dumps, you would get to see the interesting parts when you go on to read further good work author don't stop writing [img=update]


Okay, not gonna lie.. First thing that captivated me is the smooth flow in the story plot and the simple choice of words.. The characters are so easy to relate to and in my opinion, this is a really good read☺☺


Nice storyline and plot. good descriptions of characters and world building. Very investing read !!! please keep updating author!!🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩


Reveal spoiler


The mc is super relatable to me. i haven't read the whole plot yet but so far the book is so interesting and a light hearted , cute love story. Its definitely one of my favourite works from the author.


A good storyline, the characters are fascinating to an extent that grabs the readers attention. A beautiful picture is created through these words. Overall a nice novel.


The Storyline is fascinating to an extent that grabs readers attention. Beautiful pictures are drawn through these words. Overall a good novel.


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