3 Chapter Two

Martial God Asura Reincarnation Year - 0, Day - 1.

There are thousands of lower and upper realms in a galaxy. They spread from every corner and each of them is different from the rest.

The Asura Realm was the main realm of Seven Realms Galaxy.

In this place, there was no daylight. Only the darkness covered the whole region. This place was where some people from Seven Realms Galaxy would escape to for pursuit. In other words, a hiding spot for wanted people.

The Asura Realm was diverse from the Asura Spirits. In the whole Seven Realms Galaxy, the Asura Realm was the most fearsome realm out of the seven realms. Countless dangers and mythological ancient history were buried from there, and sometimes, even Ancient Bio organisms which had powerful strength can rip cultivators in a few second, hid from the depths.

Even the Seven Realms House would think twice before going into this realm. Or else, death would only await them.

However, for people that were chased from Seven Realms House, they have no choice but to go to this realm to escape from their pursuers' clutch.

At the entrance of the Asura Realm was a magnificent Ancient Altar. Surprisingly, silhouettes started to emerge, slowly, from that altar.

Looking at the people who emerged from the teleportation altar, it could be said that they were not normal. It seems that their garments from what they were wearing, was made from a special sort of object, which has the embodiment of 7 different colors, shining with its natural luster.

If people from the Seven Realms Galaxy saw these people, they would surely be surprised, for these people were Members of Seven Realm House. The dominators of Seven Realms Galaxy.

"Spread out! Form a team. Every group should consist of Dragon Transformation Sensation 6th Rank. Put this in your mind, our mission here is to bring back the holy maiden. We absolutely couldn't fail or else only heads rolling to the ground will be the doom of us. Also, if you find them, informing is the most. Don't rush. Holy Maiden's rumored husband is unknown, we can't afford to fight him alone. Understand?!" The head of the Colossal Seven Realm House that consists of a hundred people shouted as his voice echoed.

The Seven Realm House Punishment Team straightened their body and shouted in unison.

"Yes, Head Prefect!"

Seeing this, The Head Prefect turns more serious. "Mhm, it's good you understand. Now move!"

With that command, all the punishment people formed a team and drifted in different ways.


Meanwhile, in the eastern part of a hidden cave with undetectable killing arrays and concealing formations, where laid profoundly.

Inside the cave, a middle-aged man leaned in the wall that measured three people in height. He had a grave expression as he stared blankly at the ceiling. Across him was a beautiful woman caressing a newborn baby on her hands.

The beautiful woman was having tears flowing down from the corner of her eyes and it could be said that it has shown that there was something conflicting herself in the inside. Her hands were softly glued at the baby as if she was telling that she loves him very much. But seeing this kind of a scene, even an idiot can tell that there is something bad is about to happen.

"Ran'er, I have decided. I absolutely couldn't let you go back." The middle-aged man suddenly stood up and strode towards the beautiful woman as he hugged her. "Come with me, let's live a peaceful life in my native land."

Jie Ranqing trembles, tears began forming in her eyes. Even though she wanted to be with her man forever, worldly affairs keep parting them away. She wanted to say 'Yes, I'll come with you'. But every time she remembers her family rules, and the punishment of what was about to come, she couldn't bear to let her two precious men that she loves in the world died because of her. Conflicted, she softly sighed. "No, Xuan, I can't. You know what will happen to you and Feng if I do that. I know if we escape now, we can live life peacefully. But that only lasts for a few years and my clan' mate would discover us. And if they discover us, only execution would be awaiting for you and Feng. So, Xuan, I really can't."

The middle-aged man also knew about this matter. His hands were clenched tightly as he punched the wall, dying his hands with fresh blood. "Damn, Damn it!" As he said, there was blame behind his eyes. He blames himself for being weak, for being powerless, for being unable to live with his wife peacefully. Despite his strength was among the top of certain galaxies and realms, in front of the Seven Realms House, he was just an ant. Not worth mentioning.

Seven Realms House was after all the dominator of the Seven Realms Galaxy. They were people who had mastery of spiritual quantity and noble bloodlines towards Spiritual Cultivation.

The Seven Realms House was the strongest existence in the Seven Realms Galaxy. On top of that, Jie Ranqing who emerges as the most genius of the era and the thickest bloodline of their clan was the icing of the cake. For Seven Realms House's higher existence, Jie Ranqing exists to prosper the Seven Realms House even more and had the probability of surpassing the Ancient God Territory with her bloodline pairing with another bloodline of their clan. That was they initially thought.

However, looks like it was not their fate to dominates the Nine Galaxies. For Jie Ranqing's sudden pregnancy rumor spread wide in the Seven Realms Galaxy that brought massive shock upon the people. They will not be surprised if Jie Ranqing's husband was an insider, but as they heard, it was an outsider, a man from a different galaxy. So that news spread like burning flames, reaching the ears of every person of Seven Realms House.

After the news reached the Seven Profound House, it brought anger rising like tidal waves for them. Their ambitions were gone just like that.

As Seven Realm House-made proclamation to execute the man and the child and punished Jie Ranqing for breaking the rules, without a doubt the couple goes on hiding. And after years of searching, they hadn't found the adultery couples for a long time that made them more enrage. But finally, they received the clue that the two were in the Asura Realm... The most dangerous place of the Seven Realms Galaxy.

Jie Ranqing and Chu Xuanyuan also knew of this matter. This matter gives them a hopeless situation.

As remorse hovered the atmosphere, Jie Ranqing suddenly sensed thick spiritual qi flying towards their hiding place. Seeing this, her face sunk.

She looked at her husband and they had a similar expression. They have a smile of helplessness.


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