14 Chapter Nine

Eastern Sea Region, somewhere in the place.

"So this is the Eastern Sea Region?" Chu Feng looked at the vast seas as he muttered.

The Eastern Sea Region is worthy of its name. The vast and endless blue seas spanned over millions of kilometers.

With Chu Feng's cultivation of the Martial Emperor, with a glance, he could see big islands scattered about. There were traces of human life within those islands.

"Master, the Eastern Sea Region is a massive area of seas. Those islands that big as a nation are the habitats of mortals and cultivators. Other reclusive powerhouses hid below these rivers or those floating islands." Lu Bu explained when he saw the fluctuation of Chu Feng's spiritual power.

Indeed, if you gaze above, you could see scattered enormous islands floating atop. And below, you could see manors scattered around wrapped with solid formations.

These islands and manors are the reclusive powerhouses who hide from mundane affairs.

However, you could only see this if your spiritual sense reached a terrifying level that you could instantly inspect the entire eastern sea region.

Chu Feng nodded his head: "Indeed, the Eastern Sea Region is mainly composed of water. That made the inhabitants to habitats underground or on the horizon. But compared to upper realms, Eastern Sea Region is somewhat lacking." Suddenly he paused, glance at the northern part, and continued, "...Eh? A battle?"

Lu Bu looked in the direction where Chu Feng looked at and said, "It's natural. Master, in Eastern Sea Region, battles are common. The ratio of death every day is high." he then pointed his finger to that direction, "That battle over there is an example."

Chu Feng curve a smile, "Did you also fought someone when you arrived at this place?"

"Ah?" Lu Bu was stunned. He then replied with a cough, "Yes master, when I first arrived at this place, a man came out of nowhere and tried to kill me. Fearing to fail master's mission I tried to ignore him but he still died at my hands, he forced me. However, that didn't end there, that man turned out to be the top genius of the Zhou Clan of Boundless City. A top clan and a rival of Zi Clan for many years. Since I've created multiple troubles after arriving, I changed my identity, disguised myself, and joined the Zi Clan as a guest elder."

"Against those people, you did good," Chu Feng said. He nodded his head and pointed a direction, "Let's go watch that battle."


The seas of the eastern region were colored blue, looking very enchanting and peaceful. However, under the veil of crimson sun, this sea turned into pale red.

In that area, two middle-aged men and a young boy were intensively fighting against ten or so black-robed people. Their fight was fierce, coloring the seas with their blood.

"Prince, we can't hold on no more, you got to run! We will obstruct them."

"No! Uncle Lin, a man should not fear death! Tch, just let them come! I'll slice them off!"

"What are you saying Prince Jiang, you are not matched with these people. Don't be stubborn and go now! You are still young!"

On the left side, the two middle-aged men roared at the young boy behind their back. Their gazes never left at the twelve people in front of them.

That twelve people's faces were hidden behind a black mask, and all of them wore black robes beside the guy who seems to be the leader, he wore a silver-black robe. From the looks of it, they were assassins.

The two sides began to clash. The two middle-aged men fend off the attacks of the twelve assassins from the other side. However, despite their effort, some sword rays pass through their defense straight to the young boy.


The boy blocked the sword rays with his sword. But the force behind it breaks his sword into pieces, slicing a small part of his skin. He was blown ten or so meters away from the impact.



The two middle-aged men roared and fiercely attack the 12 assassins like a crazy madman. However, because they lose their cool, their formation broke, and every time they clash, their body would be damaged by the sword rays.

"Uncle Lin, Uncle Qi!" The young boy roared.

"Prince, go now! Don't be stubborn or run! Or else we will sacrifice ourselves for nothing!"

"Do you want us to die just like this? Go now and run! Don't disappoint us or else your old man will blame us even if we die!"


The two sides began to clash again. Despite the wounds, they fight like crazy demons.

The young boy wipe his tears and began fleeing away from the battlefield.

As he escapes, he couldn't stop sobbing.

"How did this happen to us? Who is targetting us?"

"I only went out with Uncle Lin and Uncle Qi for a week but these people are here for our lives?"

The young boy's tears fell as he fled.

"You can't run away!"

The leader of the assassins, the silver-robe man, breaks past the formation between the two middle-aged men.

He flew straight to the young boy two times faster.

"No! You can't." The two middle-aged man hearts turned grave.

They looked at the fleeing silver-robed man, helpless.

While this battle took place, somewhere around the area, one man and one boy witnesses this struggle.

"Master, do you want Lu Bu to save these people?" The man looked at the young boy and added, "I know these people. They are members of the Jiang Clan of the Boundless City, a clan with the same standing as the Zi Clan. They also came to the same city with Zi Clan."

Lu Bu came here to look for Zi Ling for long. Hence, he already learns superficial Knowledge within the Eastern Sea Region and the Top Powerhouses.

"No. I don't have anything to do with them. Why would I save them?" The boy said, his voice sounds cute, in a serious tone, "From the looks of it, these twelve people are assassins. That means, behind this scene are people opposite from that young boy's clan. It's a struggle between two powerhouses, we don't have to help them."

"As you wish, Master." Lu Bu bowed his head, he no longer spoke.

"Let's go, we have to head to Zi Clan. Lead the way."

The boy, Chu Feng, was about to fly up with the man, Lu Bu when he heard a sound behind.

"Prince Jiang Wushuang, you don't have to blame this to us. Blame yourself for being born as a descendant of the Jiang Clan. Hence, you have to die!"

"Jiang Wushuang?" The boy, Chu Feng, was stunned.

He looks at the fleeing boy again and stared at his face. He said, "Isn't this a bit coincidence? I meet Chu Feng sworn brother in my way towards Zi Clan?"

Meanwhile, the silver-robed man's face showed 'It's my win' face as the tip of his sword was a meter away from penetrating the flesh of Jiang Wushuang.

However, before it could penetrate, everything suddenly paused.

He tried to budge his sword but to no avail. He finds out that he could not move every inch of his body, much less the sword!

"What's going on?"

He panicked, but suddenly, he caught sight of figures in front of him.

Looking at them, they were two people.

One was a young boy, his face was filled with cuteness, looking somehow adorable.

While the other silhouette belonged to a middle-aged man in blue.

He was standing there behind the young boy. He looks ordinary, but his aura that didn't emit fluctuations shows that he was a peerless expert!

They stepped steadily and slowly, but the attention of the people on the battlefield landed on them. The two middle-aged men look at them with no exception!

"Huh? I didn't die?"

Meanwhile, the young boy, Jiang Wushuang, felt the situation odd.

The silver-robe man was behind him and he could feel the sword inch away at him. He knew that he would die from that attack.

But it seems that's not the case.

He opened his eyes slowly. After completely opening them, he saw a young chubby face in front of him; an age seems similar to him.

And behind this boy was an ordinary middle-aged man, but his eyes were had traces of expertise!


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