20 Chapter Fifteen

"That's unfortunate," Chu Feng sighed. Although he came here to change Zi Ling's fate, that didn't mean he would ignore the rest.

For instance, the system's mission rewards were something he needed. So, if he could command the Zi Clan to contend for the City Lord's battle that would happen three days from now, means he will be one step closer to the mission.

However, the Ruthless Sea Emperor was playing behind the scene, which he couldn't do anything at the moment.

"Patriarch Jiang, as the patriarch, your clan bound to have rivalries and enemies. Tell me, I will settle it for you." Chu Feng said. He heard from Lu Bu that Zi Clan had a rival called Zhou Clan, he might perhaps initiate his plan starting from this clan.

"Your Highness, we do have enemies and few rivals, contending for businesses on the outer region of the City, but..." Jiang Hao appeared to hesitate.


"But Your Highness doesn't need to act on this trivial matter, said Jiang Hao.

"I came to the lower realm to take few days off. Also, I have nothing to do, might as well as visit that rival clan of yours." Chu Feng laughed, crossing his legs to another.

"Your Highness we do have a rival clan, it's called.... ."

Jiang Hao finally spoke about the matter when seeing Chu Feng as an easy-going and straightforward individual, which lightened the mood.

Following that, Jiang Hao provided details just as the same as Lu Bu.

Soon, Jiang Hao was pretty much-done explaining, therefore he concluded.

At this moment, Jiang Wushang yawned and his eyes opened slowly.

"Perfect! Wushang woke up. Patriarch Jiang, if you don't mind, can I bring Wushuang with me as we stroll?" Chu Feng said.

Juang Wushang was confused, hearing those words. He has no clue.

But when he notices his father beside him, he cries out in alarm, "Father!"

"Wushang, Your Highness here would like to take you outside, go quickly," said Jiang Hao, smiling.

"Big Brother Feng?" Jiang Wushang blurted, glancing at who his father had mentioned.

"Wushang don't be rude. Address him as Your Highness," At this moment, the elders beside Jiang Hao spoke. They cupped their hands and put a smile, "Your Highness, Wushang is still a kid, we beg for forgiveness."

"Everyone, no need to show formality. As you can see, Wushang and I are fated to be brothers in this life. In fact, I prefer Wushang to call me Brother." Chu Feng waved his hand, sending faint spiritual qi which lifted their bowing heads.

"Since the matter is settled, Patriarch Jiang, I will be taking Wushang with me for a stroll. As for Lu Bu, he would be left here to teach you advance cultivation manuals." Chu Feng said as he stood up. "Little Brother Wushuang, let's go."

"Yes, Your Highness."

Jiang Menglin, Jiang Xuanqi, The Elders, Jiang Hao eyes brightened, they cupped their fists in response. The mere mention of advanced cultivation manuals made their heart quickened.

Chu Feng smiled, he grabbed Jiang Wushuang with him and left the Guest Hall.

"Master had commanded me to teach you cultivation manuals. Gather everyone that is important, for the meantime, don't spread this news to your kins. Besides the Patriarch, The Elders, Brother Xuan, and Brother Qi, this matter should be kept secret according to the will of Master."

Lu Bu rose from his feet as he watched Chu Feng left with Jiang Wushang. He then glanced at all the people present, waving his hand as they disappeared in the Guest Hall with a thought.


At this moment, Chu Feng brought two guards with him along with Jiang Wushang. As for his identity, the two guards have yet to know but they knew this kid is not an ordinary individual, therefore they didn't have the nerve to refuse him when he wanted to bring them out. Besides, their Young Master Jiang Wushang was also with him, so they have to protect him outside as guards.

For a cup of tea, Chu Feng has strolled different streets, which broaden his horizon a bit. Along their way, they have not meet troubles. That surprised Chu Feng and also feel helpless. The reason he suggested to stroll the City was to earn points from Young Masters, but it seems his plan failed. There are no Young Masters that could be found at the moment, which made Chu Feng think Young Masters in this modified world grown rare and most likely difficult to find than Spiritual Herbs.

"Little Brother Wushang, do you want to eat?" Chu Feng inquired, seeing Jiang Wushuang being unusual.

Jiang Wushang didn't respond, his eyes staring in the front.

Chu Feng raised his eyebrows. He looked at where Jiang Wushang was staring and, at that moment, he saw a yellowish haired girl dressed in golden cloth. At her side, stood a little boy suited like Young Masters clothes with ancient Fan on his hand. Furthermore, what appeared behind them were dozens of Servants. All wore blue clothes with a Logo 'Zhou' at the back of the dress.

A Money Printing Machine!'

Seeing this, Chu Feng eyes brightened

"Little Brother Wushang," Chu Feng shrug Jiang Wushang off from his absent-minded look.

"Eh? Big Brother Feng?" snapped Jiang Wushuang, cheeks turning red.

"Little Brother Wushang, perhaps...You like that girl?" Chu Feng teased, seeing the current Wushang acting like this.

"No, no, no." Jiang Wushang hurriedly denied. "Right. Big Brother Feng, what did you say again?"

"Nothing. Let's go and meet those people." Chu Feng said no more as he strode towards the Money-printing machine Young Master.

"My lord, these people are from Zhou Clan. And they hate us Zi Clan, it is not wise for us to meet them." The two guards who Chu Feng brought followed behind him, they appeared nervous as they reminded Chu Feng.

Chu Feng glanced at them and looked at the Young Master in front of him. Indeed, there are many servants on the other side, wherein he only brought two with him. Thus, it was natural for the two guards to be worried when facing dozens of enemies on the street.

"It's okay." Chu Feng didn't explain further and continue walking. The two guards can only follow him from behind while Wushang was beside Chu Feng.

"Humph. Zhou Tian, I never disagree to dine with you. My father did, so I don't give a crap about you. Even if you get poison, I don't care. In fact, I will be happy, instead." The golden-cloth girl sneered. Her face cold, she turned her head.

"What do you mean, Li'er? Your Father and my Father had already planned our marriage. So, you're my official fianceè, to tell the truth. Why you suppose to act like this?" The boy, that dressed like Young Master, who the girl called Zhou Tian, looked frustrated as he said.

'Humph. How dare you act in front of me like this? Just wait I will marry you, I will make sure to let ride above you.' Although Zhou Tian appeared smiling, he was in fact, sneering coldly.

The golden-cloth girl, Li'er, harrumph in response. She has no good impression of this so-called future fianceè of hers. She heard that he was a vicious kid who defiled many girls. Truthfully, this matter was beyond her knowledge since he always leaves no trail of his action and was scheming despite his age. If not for her friend that had suffered from his hand, she might be unaware of his dealings. Thinking of this, she breathes in relief that she made the right choice to sneak out of her clan in secret and made friends along the way.

At this moment, Li'er suddenly notice figures who appeared from his line of sight. Seeing these figures, her bad mood instantly turned cheerful.

"Brother Wushang." She greeted, face beaming with joy.

"Li...Li'er, hello." Wushang, as usual, appeared shy and waved his hand in response.

At this moment, Li'er suddenly notices there was a little kid besides Wushang and he appeared similar to their age. However, he was dashing to look at. His eyes were emotionless and his hair was swaying into the air, appearing to be the Son of Heaven. Along with his black robes, he strode along with Wushang and two guards.

"Wushang, who's this?" asked Li'er when they finally arrived in front of them.

"This is Big Brother Chu Feng." Wushang introduced.

"Chu Feng? I am Lu Li." Li'er introduced herself with a smile.

But at this moment, Zhou Tian's eyes were sharp. However, deep within those eyes was bafflement. He has no idea where on this earth Chu Feng crawl from and there was also no surname Chu with an impressive background.

He looked deeply at Chu Feng and pondered. 'This little kid is probably a distant relative of this kid, Wushang. Furthermore, why this Wushang hadn't died yet? Didn't the Samsara Assassin Temple send Assassins yet? This is annoying. This Chu Feng is even more elegant than me, Zhou Tian. And this bitch Lu Li even flirting with Wushang in front of me, his fianceè! Did she regard my existence as a speck of dust?'

"So this brother is Chu Feng. I am Zhou Tian, the young master of Zhou Clan."

A voice suddenly interrupted Chu Feng and Lu Li at this moment. That voice belonged to Zhou Tian, of course.

'This finally happens.' Chu Feng thought. He was waiting for this Zhou Tian to speak for quite some time now, and seeing him finally take the initiative to talk, he was overjoyed.

"Zhou Tian, what are you doing here? Still not leaving?" In front of Zhou Tian, Lu Li appeared cold, as if she loathed him to a greater extent.

"Zhou Tian? A young master of Zhou Clan?" Chu Feng looked at him, acting surprised as he examined him head to toe.

"That's right, I'm Zhou Tian."

"Zhou Tian, right? I have not heard of the crap of you. Scram to the side." Chu Feng suddenly sneered. He completely disregards Zhou Tian and chatted with Lu Li.

"You!" Zhou Tian was stunned. Not just him, but Lu Li, the two guards, and Jiang Wushuang, and the servants behind Zhou Tian was stunned.

"Brat, what did you say, do you want to die?!" A servant within Zhou Tian grouped yelled.

"What did you say?" Chu Feng looked at him, gaze turning cold.

"Humph. I said do you want to d—"

"You're courting death!" Suddenly, Chu Feng interrupted him and strode forward. He limits his power to that 3rd layer profound realm, one higher than the enemy realm, and punch out.

There was only 7 zhang between them, therefore when Chu Feng did a surprise attack, the servant who berated Chu Feng was not expecting the punch. That servant spat a mouthful of blood and flew backward, his body crushing to the stalls behind and he lost conscious.

"You, you, you!"

Zhou Tian was stunned. He never expected such kid would be so brutal and arrogant. His eyes burning with anger.

Chu Feng merely smiled at him.

"Ding! Host has received 337 hate points from a person name Zhou Tian, and 358 hate points to his servant. Total: 695 Hate Points."

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