13 Chapter Eight

Martial God Asura Reincarnation Year — 10, Day — 19.

Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm, Chu Heavenly Clan.

"What? Feng'er you are still young. I will not allow you to travel." Jie Ranqing looked at his son Chu Feng, helpless.

"But mother..." Chu Feng mumbled, looking pitiful.

"Hmph, don't you dare to trick me again. I'll never fell for it." Jie Ranqing shakes her head. Chu Feng pitiful look made her heartache, but she still didn't accept his requests.

Whose mother accept such an outrageous plea? A 10-year-old kid going on a journey, isn't that a bit insane?

Well, she knows that her son Chu Feng is not ordinary. To others, he was a martial king, but she knew to herself he was already martial exalted ranker!

Furthermore, his son was cultivating a powerful clone technique. The Chu Feng in front of him — whose cultivation ripples martial emperor — was actually his clone!

She only knew about the matter of his cloning technique two years ago.

For his martial exalted cultivation, she only learned about it a month ago when she locates him hiding in a hidden place within the Great Chiliocosm Upper Realm.

Planning to catch the brat away and punish him, Chu Feng escaped from her pursuit and somehow hidden again.

This made Jie Ranqing give up pursuing her son who's cultivation lower than many times to her's, but still able to escape from her.

All that started when Chu Feng requested to wander the border of the Chu Heavenly Clan. Pleading her with pitiful looks and big round shining eyes. Of course as a doting mother—no, no, not a doting mother, she fell for it!

Chu Feng then fled from the Chu Heavenly Clan two years ago — who at that time had the cultivation of Peak Heavenly Immortal.

Until now, Jie Ranqing was helpless about locating his real body. But she was not worried because she knew how powerful her son and how cunning he is.

At least, she could communicate with him through this clone.

"Mother, this time it's really important. How about this mother, I will return to the Chu Heavenly Clan and I'll use my clone body for the trip." Chu Feng suggested.

Jie Ranqing's eyes brightened. 'If that brat will return home, then she could lock him up and cuddled him everyday...hehe this seems a good idea.'

"Fine...I will agree with this. But return to the clan first or else I won't let you leave."

"Roger that mom!" Chu Feng laughed helplessly.

Jie Ranqing pinches his cheek, "Roger that...and you escaped your parents' permission?"

"Ouch, my cheek! Mother, stop pinching me. I promise I'll be there in less than a minute, you know my clone can also feel pain. Stop pinching me!" He replied, helpless.


Meanwhile, somewhere in the Great Chiliocosm Great Upper Realm, Sacred Versatile Palace.

"Men!" A voice arose within the throne.

Thousands of soldiers embedded with dragon carvings kneeled in the ground. In front of them was a little child wearing a big crown, unfit for his small body.

His face was spotless, too perfect. Together with his arched sword-like eyebrows, he was like a Peerless Expert. But due to his small body, he instead looks like an innocent sheep who appeared couldn't kill a single rabbit.

"Sovereign long live through eternity." They said simultaneously.

The innocent kid, who's Chu Feng on other hand, smiled and waved his hands.

"I have important matters to attend to. For now, Zhuge Liang would be responsible for the important decisions with my absence."

"Yes, sovereign." The thousands upon thousands of soldiers kowtowed and acknowledged the Imperial order.

"Zhuge Liang," Chu Feng shouted.

Not long after, a figure appeared beside him, "Yes my lord?"

"You know what to do during my absence." Chu Feng casually said.

He looked at Zhuge Liang and sighed. Although he temporarily had Zhuge Liang, he was only here for a year. His card was way too expensive and hard to obtain. Having him here as the strategist was perfect. At least a year or more during the sect he painstakingly built from the scratch wouldn't be destroyed that easily.

"Yes my lord," Zhuge Liang replied.

"Mhmm," Chu Feng tapped his feet, forcing his body to soar to the sky.

His speed was very fast, a tenth of the speed of light! That was his current best.

An hour later, Chu Feng arrived in a spacious mountain range, which a huge flat-ground with a lot of people loitering in the land could be seen.

Because he was the only guy who's flying, he attracted the attention of many.

Fortunately, his speed was very fast. The people on the land were not able to catch his figure.


"Mother, I'm here." Chu Feng shouted.


A silhouette immediately appeared by his side, lifting him to the air. Her face looked furious and she keeps pinching his cheek. "Brat, from today onwards, you are not allowed to leave the clan."

"But mother you, you promise me," Chu Feng was speechless.

"Of course, I'm not taking back my words. Your clone is allowed, but you, you have to stay here until you had the strength."

"But, I'm already powerful." Chu Feng rolled his eyes.

"Ehem, you're still not 16." She said.


Chu Feng was silent. He opened his lips, but in the end, didn't speak.

A while later he asked, "Mother, how about Father?"

"Father? That man is busy, he had many things to do. You're lucky, he's not back after these two years, or else you would be beaten up for escaping." Jie Ranqing laughed as she patted Chu Feng's head.

Chu Feng, on the other hand, merely smiled seeing her mother happy expression.

He enjoyed it.

Although he already reached Martial Exalted due to the clan pouring their utmost to help his cultivation, the system's help, and his space-time treasure, he was still far from his powerful mother.

Even if he can temporarily hide within the Great Chiliocism Upper Realm, going to the other realms...his mother wouldn't allow it.

He knew that her mother had given him the chance to explore the world for these two years of worthwhile adventure.

And he did, he explored the entire Great Chiliocism Upper Realm!

The matters of Zi Ling made Chu Feng yearned to explore the lower realm.

He was not like a hero or a saint, but Zi Ling's situation was just pitiful, and as a reader, he likes her as a character.

Hence, he has to give what she deserves and help her cultivate.

Thus he planned to head there when the Alliance would form between the two. That way, he can make a grand appearance — For no good reason though, he just wants to experience the life of a protagonist.

"Mother, I'll go now," Chu Feng smiled.

"Wait, bring some Chu members with you in case..."

"Mother there is no need. I'm only going to a lower realm, no one can hurt me there. My clone is already the Martial Emperor." Chu Feng interrupted her and replied with a smile.

"Alright," Jie Ranqing nodded. She looked at the playful Chu Feng — the real body beside her — and smiled.


Chu Feng's clone traveled at an incredible speed. Lu Bu was following beside him.

They passed many teleportation formation and space wormholes until they arrive at the Eastern Sea Region after two days of the journey.

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