(Prototype) Dragonball Story- The tale of Son Goku Book

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(Prototype) Dragonball Story- The tale of Son Goku


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A work I've been thinking of trying out for a while now. A complete rewrite of the Dragonball story, I can't say whether it will be any good or entertaining but I've always wanted to try and form Dragonball into a sort of cohesive narrative where everything was planned from the start. This is just the planned prologue for the story, whether I write any more will purely depend on whether my interest and motivation is large enough, though I have roughly planned out the entire storyline, how I want events to connect and unfold, power-scaling etc. It will still follow the major story beats of Dragonball, and early on the changes will be very minimal but that isn't too important here, this is just my first test chapter, I will update it if I think I'm in a good position to actually write the story. Till then any sort of criticism will be greatly appreciated since I don't write, well at all. I'll continue working on the story beats and hopefully I'll be back at some point. Till we meet again.


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