1 The Chosen One

I hated going out of my room , I avoided talking to my parents and i kept on saying that I don't need anyone I'm fine by my self but i was wrong .

It started when my classmates began to avoid me . I got to join a rich school after my father kept on begging his boss and working extra hours , nearly dying from exhaustion to help me enroll in it . But I'm the only poor ass person there

I hated that so much , I tried to change myself , I tried to be funny , i even tried asskissing too but no matter how hard i try , they always ignore me like I'm a nuisance , like this isn't where I belong . I also became the target of the bullies because i was weak , i was also poor so no one actually tried to help me when they saw me getting my ass kicked

I started coming back home with bruises all over my body yet my parents didn't do anything they could only try to comfort me , we were poor we couldn't aford to do anything to the rich...My parents barely managed to get enough food for us and to send me and my sister to school .

But one day something happened , something that no one would believe me if i told them about it .

On my way back from school i kept on thinking about what I'm supposed to do with this pathetic life , while i was day dreaming A car accident happened resulting in a car getting pushed to the side where i stood and i thought I would finally get the chance to die and have some fucking peace but Suddenly , When the car was about to hit me time stopped .

I thought i was already dead... and it was my soul seeing things but that wasn't the case , wait a second why did the time stop before i was hit? and how exactly? but before i could continue my analysis a figure appeared before me , " It " looked like a human but I swear I could almost see hell within it's eyes , he had crimson eyes with a pale looking face as if he had escaped hell , I couldn't tell his age but I don't even want to imagine what he went through to look that exhausted...

He snapped his finger trying to wake me up from my daze then he coughed and said " oh poor soul that have been misjudged I , lucifer will give you something in return of all the misery that you've been through but you shall know that everything comes with a price" then suddenly i felt something buzzing in my vision then a flying like notification appeared in front of me

[ You have been chosen as the successor of the great devil ]

Do you want to accept ?


[ Rejection may lead to death or disability ]

" Just who are you? " somehow i could only mutter those words while my legs were shaking , the " great devil " although he looked tired he released a frightening aura that made my spine shiver in fear

But in response he said " I'm someone that will help you unlike those that turned a blind eye on your struggles but Worry not For I , The Great Devil Named Lucifer shall not break my promise " he said with a prideful look on his eyes , he then continued " but if i find you unworthy of my power then i shall take it back " he threatened me as if he was assured that I'd accept becoming his successor but damn it do i have any choice in the matter ? I mean what will happen if i rejected him then the time continued and the car hit me... probably I'd die!

I thought for a while about how much shit i went through , how i was always treated like a nuisance by my classmates and how they bullied me and laughed at me...

" fuck it I'll just click yes it's not like my life isn't shit already " i then clicked yes then suddenly i saw another notification pop out

[ Congratulations on becoming the successor of the great devil , you will now enjoy the benefits given by the great devil ]

[ You have been awarded the title " Lucifer's successor "

You will now have 1% of Lucifer's abilities for that your body cannot contain more than 1% ]

[ there's is a new power residing in your body ]

I felt a trace of power lingering inside me , it actually felt weird like there was a fire inside but it didn't feel bad thought, then another notification appeared.

[ Your body has been greatly affected by the newfound power , evolution will occur in the next 5 seconds ]






[ you will now feel extreme pain , your body is evolving ]

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