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(MOVED) is a popular web novel written by the author AnnikaTheGerman, covering ROMANCE, DRAMA, LGBT, HIGHSCHOOL, TIME TRAVEL, BOYXBOY, DRUGS, MERMAID, BOARDING SCHOOL, FANATASY, LGBT+ genres. It's viewed by 6.8K readers with an average rating of 4.66/5 and 16 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 1 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


[MOVED - Look up my novel "All Things Bright", it's being posted from a different account!!!] When you say that all the magic happens in your bedroom, you're usually talking about one thing. But if you're Cameron... Well, while everyone else is fast asleep dreaming, his mind travels into the future and he has no control over it whatsoever. That might be neat when you just want to have some fun. But not when you keep getting thrown into situations where you constantly have to face the person who broke your heart. Especially not when their life is slowly deteriorating right in front of your eyes. Drugs. Guns. Suicide. And there is nothing Cam can do to save him. Unless... A Coming-of-Age story about finding true love and learning how to let go. © AnnikaTheGerman, 2020

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I READ FIRST FOVE CHAPTERS AND I M HERE COZ PPL NEED TO KNOW THIS BOOK IS 💚💚💙💜💜💚💚💜💜💚💙💜💚💜💜💚💙💚💛💜💚💚💜💚💙💙💚💯💙💚💜💙💚💜💚💚💙 very highly recommended author u have my heart


I like the way you write it since its detailed and I can feel I am in the story. The character design is good even the world background, its a 10 to me. Keep writing, author :))


This was a great book! The only thing that got to me were the quite long paragraphs and when dialogs weren't on their own. The characters feel like string leads and their journey has just begun I cri! Other than the small critique, it's a great read and honestly something I will pick up again when there's more chapters! ❤️❤️💕


Hi, im not good in doing comment reviews so I'll just sum up my overall preview of your story. The story is very interesting, the way how you write the book inspire's me to follow the same format and the way how you develop the characters is great. The only thing I noticed is that sometimes the story is pretty predictable, try adding more story twist even though you are just in the early chapter so that there will be many "WOW" moments for the readers. THANK YOU


The amazingly written story around Kaz. Although it was shocking to know that the story started with MC getting drowned. It was interesting, while at the same time, keep making you want to read the next chapter. The story somehow made me went google even more, especially since my mind is questioning about the identity of Alga Lucidus.


This novel really has me hooked up the two different worlds coming together. I'm so excited to read it further Kaz fighting hope your tail won't get cut off tho hehe. Oh you are welcome to our world I hope you enjoy your stay


The story is very interesting! makes you want to read for more. My minor issue is the Paragraph construction as it is congested and tend to make the reader lose focus when a paragraph becomes too long. Over-all I enjoyed the story!


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An amazing novel that we can look upon to. The story is still developing and still has a lot to offer as the story progress. But this is my initial rate to the author to show my support.


Nice story, I like how you write the characters so simple and tight. The character design is good, and the world background so cool. Can't wait for the next update.


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Thanks Author for this story. Nice setup on the 3 characters. So this method is time story dimention pulling the readers back and forth leaving the readers to figure out the next thing mich like watching a movie and anticipating what’s next. Look forward to see how Cameron would react after discovering what happen between Sonny and Kaz. They say a merman/mermaid’s first kiss / first love last forever that’s one angle to explore. i enjoy reading the book. well done and keep up the good work ⭐️


Why does Camerons name keep changing to Stan? Seems a little sus. Other than that, the story doesn't seem to be pushing towards anything at the moment, just rehashing. The characters are good but the stories a little confusing. I'm intrigued to read more though


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I found Kaz to be an interesting character and the world background is pretty unique. I don't usually read romance novels, but if that's your thing I think you would enjoy this. Props to author!


This sweet novel has a great start; it pulls us right into the scenery and action and promises a wonderful story! Recommended for any romance lovers out there :) /Dimisaurus


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