(Hiatus) The X-Gene of Fate(Hiatus) The X-Gene of Fate

(Hiatus) The X-Gene of Fate

by BoredAsura

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A young mutant in the Marvel 6161 universe tries to master their powers in a world that hates them for being who they are. They will go through trials and tribulations from humans, demon, mutants, inhumane, and anything else that gets thrown at them. Will our young mutant join one of the many mutant groups, turn his back on mutants and join another team of heroes who might never truly understand him, or will he forge his path in the chaotic universe? Read to find out! --Warnings: Just cause I want no one to be shocked and complain later-- -If you are looking for a book full of cougars going after a kid, this is the wrong story. -If you are looking for something sweet-ish like a superhero cartoon, wrong story. -Looking for me to follow everything in Marvel and not create my ideas, wrong story. -Looking for someone who will not kill a woman opponent, wrong story. -Looking for a system that talks back, wrong story -If you wish for the same events as in comics, the wrong story - Looking for me to follow the timeline exactly, I don't even know how to properly read a marvel timeline except for the big stuff. -Looking for a harem, eh this might happen but only 3 or 4 at most but it will not be every random woman falling for him.

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