1 Chapter 1: Night

It was a dark and stormy night in the city of Elysium with rain pouring heavily. Maglev trains were silently speeding throughout the vast city stopping at stations with crowds of people getting on and off. The passengers were silent, they were too busy staring at their holographic screens being projected from their metal wristband. People were watching the news and random videos. A majority of the young adults were watching a recording of an idol group performance. A train stopped at a station, massive metal doors opened with people getting off and continuing their night.

The streets were filled with people carrying umbrellas, many buildings were still open for business with holographic displays of what they sold. Some shops had robotic assistants outside that looked like scantily clad women who were trying to attract customers. There were large holographic displays on the sides of large buildings that projected the news and advertisements of the latest technology, skin care products, and energy supplements guaranteeing an advance into the next level.

One district of Elysium was particularly full of people with some going into casinos to gamble away their salaries, many were entering brothels, and some shady individuals were meeting up. Drunks were walking around unsteadily and some were vomiting into metal cubes. The cubes collected and directed the vomit into large underground tanks that would later expel the trash into bodies of water. One drunk vomited in an alleyway and passed out. A robot cleaner appeared, cleaned up the mess, and dumped the drunk in a waiting area for passed out drunk people.

Exiting the 500,000 square kilometer city, nature was still present with vast expanses of forest and mountain ranges the size of Elysium surrounding the city. The clouds reached a mountain range and they were still pouring down large amounts of rain. A figure could be seen standing on the tallest mountain standing straight up with his mouth open. He tasted some of the rainwater and frowned.

"It tastes like water, but I'm getting some flavors that are similar to vomit and shit." The man widened his eyes and cursed, "Fuck! There probably is vomit and shit in the rainwater."

The man conjured a black flame and set his body on fire to cleanse himself. His humanoid body turned into ashes and another humanoid body appeared with a cloak covering its body. Although his body doesn't actually have organs to store the rainwater, he still set his body on fire in order to convince himself to forget about the fact that he drank something that had shit, vomit, and probably piss in it.

After reforming his body, the man continued his journey towards Elysium while enjoying the beauty of the forest. Except all he saw throughout the night were nocturnal animals killing and getting killed. There was one part of the journey where he saw a tiny mouse-like creature being trapped by a gigantic snake, but then the tiny animal turned into a fucking 20 meter tall demonic being with a black skull that swallowed the surprised snake.

The man had finally exited the forest after an hour of sight seeing. The rain had stopped, but the ground was still soaking wet. He walked onto a walkway that led to Elysium with sleek vehicles on a nearby road passing by from time to time. Surprisingly, some other people were waiting in a line to enter the city. They had to pass through a border checkpoint where they gave their identification to the security guards and were scanned for any weapons or illegal items.

An incident occurred when one of the people waiting in line was identified to be a criminal that was wanted for murder. The woman ran and several metal automatons along with human cultivators wearing blue uniforms chased after her. She flew into the sky using an energy skill and shot condensed wind blades from time to time at the city guards. The chase ended after 20 seconds with one of the robotic city guards shooting a metal net at the woman. She got tangled in the net and struggled to break free.

Suddenly, the metal net started to flash and crackle with arcs of electricity coursing through the net. Unsurprisingly, the woman started screaming and made gurgling sounds with her saliva frothing up. Her skin was charring and the smell of burnt flesh started spreading in the air. The woman was convulsing for a few seconds until she finally died with urine soaking her clothes

It was a pretty horrific and disgusting sight for the people still waiting in line. Some people had their jaws drop with their eyes wide open while staring at the red and black corpse. Others just smiled and laughed after seeing what happened to the woman.

"That idiot thought that she could escape from the city guards designed to stop peak level stage 3 cultivators. She was at most a mid level stage 2 cultivator considering her speed and power."

One man commented to his companions. They laughed, but were a bit scared of the city guards since they were only at the initial levels of stage 3.

Our protagonist looked at the corpse and sighed.

'She probably tastes disgusting with all of that urine covering her and the metal net overcooked parts of her body.'

He was a being that existed for over a trillion years so he had consumed a large amount of organisms while devouring their planets. Most of the solar systems were absorbed while he used his mist form and he couldn't taste anything. After using his humanoid form to devour planets, he could actually taste everything. The first time he ate a humanoid, it was covered in piss and shit due the fright it had experienced with its planet being devoured. That was not a pleasant memory since the being could taste all of those disgusting fluids. The being left the planet which made all of the inhabitants celebrate, but then he reappeared in his mist form and set the whole planet on fire which he later absorbed.

Now where were we? Oh yes, back to the scene where our main character is waiting in line while looking at a charred corpse that smells like the sewer.


It was finally the main character's turn to enter the city after recalling his first unpleasant memory.

"Identification please."


Unfortunately, he had forgotten about creating an identity for himself because his memory is terrible. Since he is an all powerful being that devours galaxies, he doesn't really care to remember about things like identification and illegally entering a city or country.

"I don't have any identification because I just entered the planet."

"Did you not get registered at one of our space station border checkpoints?"


"It is okay sir. Please head to the designated location to register."

One of the robotic clerks pointed at a building that had a sign labeled Registration.

As the man headed towards the registration building, he heard a loud noise. He turned around and saw one of the mechanical city guards dragging a net that still had the corpse of the criminal in it. One of the human city guards shouted at the robot. "Damn it Carl-72 why are you dragging the body around!"

"I'm going to throw it into the trash compactor."

"Get one of the robot cleaners to do that. Also, stop using your net on weaklings. It always makes a disgusting mess. The last time you used it on a first stage cultivator at point blank range, the net cut him into chunks of meat and then you electrocuted the dead body. One of the city officials saw the whole thing and almost got you decommissioned."

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"Alright." The metal automaton seemed sad and waited for a robot cleaner to arrive.

Our main character finished registering and named himself, Fu Chen. He also exchanged a few precious metals for credits which was the currency most of the galaxies used.

Some people may be wondering where did Fu Chen procure the precious metals from. Well, he used an energy skill called Creation. With enough units of energy, a cultivator can create objects depending on how complex the object is and the skill level of the cultivator.

Fu Chen used some of his newly obtained credits to purchase a metal wristband which was a common holographic device. After that, he finally entered the city and legally for once which was a huge accomplishment.

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