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"Wtf ?! Stop following me Claude" i said

"Why should I?" he said

"Huh?" I said

"I like you so why should i?" he said

"But I don't" i said firmly

"You will soon" he said with a smirk

He's been following me the whole week just because his enemy is courting me like tf?

wala namang masamang manligaw edi kung gusto nya ligawan nya din ako, like bro stop stressing yourself and court me just like how he courts me HAHAHA jk

"Jade! tara na gawa na tayong essay para sa english" Avie said avie is just my classmate so don't get ahead of yourself we're not friends

"ok sure, just wait for me here kukunin ko lang yung books ko sa locker ko" i said as i started to walk through the hallway.

While walking I saw a familiar figure leaning on my locker like dude stop

"out of my way claude" i said again with a firm tone

" Oh, I didn't realize that this is your locker" he said

" Napaka imposible mo talaga Claude magkatabi lang locker naten oh" i said while pointing at his locker

" You know i do this kind of thing when something amuses me" he said sexily

bro wtf are you trying to seduce me

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"Oh, when did I ask?" I asked sarcastically

"You, you're very amusing" he said

"Yeah right" I just rolled my eyes and quickly walked away from that awkward scene.

"Putcha, yung libro ko bwiset talaga yung ulap na yon" i whispered to myself

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