1 Reborn in Boruto

It was a normal day in the village hidden in the leaves, but for a certain family it was a big surprise.


Push!! You can do it lady Temari! Just one more push!


"WWAAAAaa!!" Congratulations lady Temari it's a girl!!


'Where am I?! Is this a dream!!'

"She's so beautiful" said someone beside me.

'huh? Who is that? And why is her face so close to mine?!'

Suddenly a door opens up and I hear two pair of legs walking towards us.

"How is my wife and child!" asked a man by the sound of his voice.

"Is mama ok?" another person asked probably this woman's child and my sibling?

'Ugh this is to tiring, I'll just go to sleep'

(POV): Shikamaru

Sakura - "Both your wife and child are healthy Shikamaru, so you can relax"

"Phew. Thanks Sakura" as I said that I take a look at my newborn child and then my wife realeived that they are both fine.

Temari - "What should we name her?" Temari asked.

"How about Ayaka. Ayaka Nara" I propose.

Temari - "that's a beautiful name" as she says that she starts to fall asleep so I take my new born daughter away so she wouldn't fall and as a look at her face and can't help myself but pinch her cheeks they were so soft and she looks so cute!!

Shikadai - "Is she my new sister?" asked my firstborn son.

"Yes, she is and as her big brother you should protect her alright shikadai?

Shikadai - "Yeah! I promise to love my new sister and always protect her from bad guys!" he says determined.

And with that the day ended peacefully.


By the way on the day the MC was born shikadai was 7 years old.

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