(COMPLETE) System Rebirth: The Godly Hunter
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(COMPLETE) System Rebirth: The Godly Hunter


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What is (COMPLETE) System Rebirth: The Godly Hunter

(COMPLETE) System Rebirth: The Godly Hunter is a popular web novel written by the author Harbenger, covering GAME-ELEMENTS, SYSTEM, ROMANCE, ACTION, GODS, MODERN, WEAK-TO-STRONG, LITRPG, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 400.8K readers with an average rating of 0/5 and 6 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 83 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


There have been people all over the world that would say “The end is near!” But most people didn’t really believe them. Most people thought they might just be crazy and just doing it for attention but never would they thought the end would really be here. But would it be the end of humanity? No it was not us that has ended it was are way of life. Ten years ago something in the sky open and monster started to fall from it. Most died on impact but there where some that survived and they started to kill everyone on sight. When the military arrived they managed to clear the monster’s known as Orcs but for every Orc we killed they could kill ten of us. After that day the world started to change, people started to awaken powers and people called them heroes of humanity but the government came in and declared them as awakened. Back then kids wanted to be astronaut’s or something but now they just want to be an Awoken and get rich fast but only 95% of humanity has gain some type of power as for me? I’m a nobody, I didn’t gain any power but I didn’t let that stop me. Would that kill me one day? Yes it would and I would know... because that day is today or should I say was? I gained something that day that would break the balance of life and death. Even in death I shall prevail.


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Until now it's a simple copy of solo leveling Even his ''unique'' power is exact copy of solo leveling mc power. Nothing interesting and MC is a retard.


The story is not bad, there are some grammar issues here and there, but it's understandable, takes some getting used to but at least for me it was a fast process. I do enjoy the story and am sad to see it not receiving views and reviews, it's honestly not bad, just needs more exposition. Now, the only issue i have with the story for now is the mc is dense af, which is a nice joke for a few chapters, but in the long run gets annoying, so i hope he won't be an idiot in that regard for long. All in all, pretty good, and i hope to see more of it. I also suggest you author to try and upload the story on other sites as well, it might get more attention to it. It's hard for a novel to make it far on webnovel unless its some cultivation or ceo bs, or mainly Tits and a massive harem, i as well found this by mistake not in any rankings or searches.


Yeah I know this is a shameless Review as the Author but oh well. If you love novels with level systems I’m sure you’ll enjoy this novel!! If you love story’s about the MC going from weak to strong fairly quickly I’m sure you’ll enjoy this novel!! All in all I made this because I ran out of novels were the MC can raise the dead and decided to make one, for all those who feel the same way on trying to find a new one to read!! I hope you enjoy my work and find it interesting to read!! Bye everyone who is reading this and have a fabulous day/night :)


Сopy of solo leveling. But i hate when author comment in text all the time. (You made you text unreadapble) /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////


A good read for sure with with the only thing bothering me is the lack of World description. I also really liked the Romance between Armin and Eve though wished Amos had some more Screen time.


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