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(BL) The Charm of Benjamin Laplace


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What is (BL) The Charm of Benjamin Laplace

Read (BL) The Charm of Benjamin Laplace novel written by the author Cuttime on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Eastern Fantasy stories, covering bl, yaoi. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Some have abilities meant for battle, others for crafting and some are not very useful. For peasants abilities have little meaning, aside from high sales prices for talented babies. One of them is Benjamin. A boy adopted by a large martial arts family for his ability to induce energy into living beings, plants and objects alike. His life as one of the next clan leaders' companions takes an unexpected turn when not only his abilities blossom but also his good looks. -Boy's Love Warning!-


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Hi 😁 I'm the author of this novel. I was a bit annoyed because there were no novels about charaters who act normal and happen to be gay around. Because...why must xianxia novels about such protagonists drown in romance and *you know what I mean*? So I decided to write my own. My update schedule will be at least twice a week, but I will try to manage three.


I applause. For introducing I believe the first BL novel to Qidan, and educating the innocent readers, I applause. Thanks for author being a fujoshi.


I am also a fan of BL and so I was excited when I saw this novel come out. I was actually looking forwars to this novel but where are the updates? 😢😢😢😢😢 I've been waiting for the other chapters. Hope some chaps will be release soon Author-sama. Please dont drop this one.


The story is only 4 chapters long (as of the writing of this review), and yet it has already recieved a perfect rating (by the author, such humility) and an almost perfect one (just because it's BL). So I'm here to try to bring the rating (4.9/5 with 2 votes) down to a more believable and deserving level. Writing Quality : 3 It's good, not excellent (4), nor perfect (5), but good. Stability of Updates : 1 (previously 2) Well we can't really speak of stability when there hasn't been enough updates to know if they're stables or not. Story Development : 1 You can's speak of development when a story only has a handful of chapters. Character Design : 2 Nothing really interesting as of yet (again, not enough chapters to know). Wold Background : 2 We'll know if the world is interesting when we have more chapters but the "Everyone has an Ability" trope is something that's fairly common in Alternate Universe fanfictions (almost as common as High School A.U.and A/B/O Universe fanfictions). Note that this rating is provisional and will be changed as more chapters are released. Edit : 5 chapters the first month, then no chapter at all for a full month. I'm thus downgrading my rating for the stability of updates


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A really well written novel with a great premise! This is a hidden gem for those looking for a BL that can also give good world building! Hopefully the author can give us updates often! ^^


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