308 B2.11 Die For You

Long Shen turned his back and immediately dashed to the window and jumped from the eleventh floor without hesitation.

Yunyu was shocked when Long Shen dashed and jumped from the window without hesitation. He ran towards Long Shen, "WAIT!"

He wanted to catch Long Shen before he jumped. But Yunyu was too late. He could only see how Long Shen fell from the eleventh floor. Long Shen smiled at Yunyu, who actually tried to catch him. It gave hope in his heart.

'At least, Bai Yunyu still has some care in me. He still tries to catch me, right? So he is not completely heartless…' Long Shen thought. He closed his eyes as he felt his body was getting heavier.

'I will meet you again, Bai Yunyu, after one hundred deaths…' Long Shen said.

'Please return back to me after I finished your request, okay? I love you, Bai Yunyu…'


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