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Altair didn't know what should he do. After hearing General Vega fingering himself inside his office, he smelled a very thin sweet omega scent from inside the General's office. 

A crazy idea popped inside his head, maybe… just maybe…

'Maybe General Vega Satellarnus is an omega?' 

'No, there is no way! General Vega has an SS+ physique. That kind of physique is unachievable for an omega!' Altair was fighting inside his head. His instinct told him that General Vega was indeed an omega, but his logic just refused to believe it because it didn't add up.

Altair returned in a daze to his duchy. His parents were already waiting for him in the living room, especially his dad, who crossed his arm with a stern face, "Altair, I need an explanation."

"Huh?" Altair asked. He was not in the mood to talk with anyone right now because his mind was only filled with the General. 

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