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Kim Haneul was wide awake after Lee Yongsun suddenly appeared and hugged him from behind. He kept thinking about his despicable and promiscuous nature. He was a good man. He believed that at least. But how could he fell in love with the devil?

Han checked Jay's mattress and found an empty mattress. He checked the time on his phone, and it showed four in the morning. He sighed and washed his face. He wore his jacket and went out.

He sat on the first floor of the building, waiting for Jay to return. He tried calling Jay's phone, the call went through, but Jay didn't pick it up. So Han waited for an hour until he saw someone walking unsteadily, left and right, while he was holding on to anything around him so he wouldn't fall flat on the ground.

Han squinted his eyes to see the man and immediately realized who that man was when he got closer.

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