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Jay walked away with a chaotic mind. He turned his head to check on Han Hyung and saw that Han Hyung was still lying on the ground, unresponsive after Jay pushed him. Under the dim light, Jay could see how Han Hyung was too shocked to react, and then his eyes started getting red and teary.

Jay saw how his Han Hyung was crying for him, and honestly, it made Jay's heart in so much pain.

His instinct told him that he should return to Han Hyung and hugged him tightly. He should kiss Han Hyung and say sorry for pushing you. He should just forgive Han Hyung, and they would return to their usual lovely life together.

As long as Han Hyung promised not to cheat on him anymore in the future, then everything would be okay, right?

It was what lingered in Jay's mind. He loved Han Hyung so much that he didn't mind forgiving Han Hyung's cheating. Jay laughed at himself for being so gullible.

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