327 11.19 (Semi R-18)

*Licking Mr. Devil's chocolate nipple*

"Why are you still asking? Come here and strip."

"W—What?!" Haneul's heart jumped when Lee Yongsun ordered him to strip. "Y—You mean, to take off my clothes?" Han asked again, unsure of what he heard was correct.

"Do I need to say it twice? I want you to strip all your clothes in front of me," Lee Yongsun repeated. He smirked with a taunting gaze, "What? I'm just doing it based on your preference. Your heart said that your preference is me, the devil himself."

"I never said that!" Han rebuked. He distanced himself from Lee Yongsun and zipped his jacket again as a mean of protection. "Mr. Lee Yongsun, you are despicable! How could you take advantage of me!"

"So you're saying that you don't want me?" Lee Yongsun asked lightly. There was no trace of worry in his expression.

"No!" Han replied.

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