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;( is a popular web novel written by the author miyukii, covering ROMANCE, MODERN, TRAGEDY, ROYAL BLOODLINE, PHYCHOLOGICAL, REVENGE FEMALE LEAD ROMANCE, LOVERS TO ENEMIES, TRAGEDY EVOLUTION, Historical Romance genres. It's viewed by 17.9K readers with an average rating of 4.75/5 and 21 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 0 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.




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The concept of the book is definitely amazing. The contrasting characters keep you hooked till the last, I assure you. The reference to the golden cage in the synopsis made me remember something interesting but let's see where this book takes that. The only suggestion I wanted to put forward is you need to work on grammar a little bit. Regardless, everything is perfect like you!


Interesting beginning, slight grammar mistake but still have you hooked on it! The character has an interesting background tho it hasn't been revealed yet...BUT I look forward to it


Hmmmm.. I love the fact that there are Arab names and that the FL is keeping her life on track and away from the ex-husband and good luck 💜with the story my support is with you as I love the chapter I am looking forward to read the other ones.


Looking forward to see what is in store for both Aleena & Zayed. I really enjoyed it so far and the continued relationships between the different characters, particularly between Aleena and Zayed. Added to libary and looking forward to seeing where this goes.


hell yeah, tragic and romance/fiction and reality a truly remarkable bind realy want to see will she wait for him or not (hint ) my first review (or technically the second )


The story of this novel is really good and its completely original. The author had good grasp over narration of the story. The characters portrayed by the the author seems completely realistic, their interactions are very lifelike. And the main character is pragmatic and down to earth. Hope that the author will continue this good work.


You can tell by the first chapter that the author has a story to tell. The author has a message to convey he/she would like the readets to understand, to feel, and to experience for themselves. By the first chapter you can already feel the suffocation, the feeling that something dark is looming ahead but will there be light? I don't know. The characters too are mysterious and hidden, their experiences somehow secretly affecting the road ahead. Which makes the reader curious what will happen... Regarding grammar, the author has lots of room to improve, but aren't we all? Sometimes, when we read books, we only see the better part of it. We never see the gruelling years of trial and error, and mistakes made and successes buried under heaps of doubts and hesitation, behind an absolute refined work of literature. These "dark times" are all integral part of a good writer--hence a good writer is a writer from the ashes. The refinement that a writer reaches does not happen immediately, but only through hard work and determination to create.


This story potrays a very emotional bond between the charechters and has high potential to be a great novel.so far it has kept me engaged and immersed in relishing the details of the story. the story has also suspense added to it too


Very interesting book I recommend to almost every reader. Keep up the good work and give us more chapters.😁 Nice story line Good world background Metaphoric title Reading flows


wow my first review, I never ever seen a novel like this one I usually do not like romance, but this is not the perfect mixture between reality + tragedy + fictionalism keep going girl keep going


Wow sis we are so proud of you .you make us see the reality and make us feel what characters are feeling . waiiting for next chapter we love you keep up .fighting!!!!


Story about a novelist lady who's trying to get her life back on track while keeping her family safe from her ex-husband who just refuses to leave her alone. There are a lot of interesting ideas in here and the author is telling the story in a very poetic way. My major problem is that sometimes things feel like they happen a bit too fast. There is a lot of cuts between present time and past time as if two stories were being told at the same time, on top of the plot constantly being shifted from point of view to point of view. Added with the slightly unpolished grammar, and sometimes it can be really hard to follow the story. The cast of characters seems likable enough for the main characters while the antagonists at times feel like they're evil just for the sake of being evil. I think Aleena is a cool character and I do want to see her come out on top out of her problem. I just wish the plot had a bit more focus and slowed down a little bit.


Normally, I don't read romance novels but that hint of horror in there just wooed me into reading it and I'm not disappointed. Hehe, I might just start reading romance novels because of this. Even though the grammar's a bit odd, I'm gonna stick with it. Waiting for more chapters. Keep up the good work author.


The story has potential to be a great novel. There's a lot of emotion in it and a lot of building blocks for drama. It's always great to have really passionate main characters coz they end up doing a lot in pushing the story forward.


Very interesting book, really different, I get hooked in on first chapter, wanted to read more, good work author, keep it up, thank you for such amazing book


Woah Amazing book written. Your book has made my day. I like your updating stability and character designing. I like the style of writing which actually makes the book interesting. Waiting for more


Hey, Miyukii its the guy that promises to give you a review in Tuesday but couldn't because I was grounded. Alright lets get it going. Also this review is my personal opinion so take it with a grain of salt. The story shifts from another persons perspective to another. It was confusing at first. From getting up to be married to a book interview to a prince simping over Aleena which I think I got it right? There are so many girls with the "Lena" name its as if you really like this name ;) As for world building, it's pretty much your typical royal blood arrange marriage theme. It's usually not my thing but it certainly has a kicker to the drama. As for writing quality, its kinda good but the grammar could use a bit of polishing as it sorta ruins the reading experience. A little pro tip: I always tell this to other Authors by try using fancy words that can be immersive to the reader. Take for example: "A detritus pile of dung is everywhere at the avenues of New York." While also giving them a clear description. I am not an expert but I thought it could help a fellow author. Anyway, its a good romance with a hunky mean jerk that has good abs (thumbs up to that). And with an insecure girl running away from this prince. And I think I am done.


Interesting story so far. I like how the author have mixed humor with emotions. Will read more and recommended to others. Let's talk about pacing, the author have faced the story just perfect, neither too fast nor too slow. You can understand story even if you don't know heavy words in English.


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