1 'Sup

"What's up!" is what I hear from across the table. I want to kick them but they are only being friendly, so I ignore them. I keep eating and continue reading webnovel. I don't want to throw away my reading time by talking to others. I have to get back to the mines after lunch and I have only 10 more minutes of reading time left.

It is a really interesting novel with a male lead. The main plot line is about how a normal guy goes about his life when magic is available to everyone in the world. There are quite a few novels of the same genre. My friends say that it is the same old plotline. One that had been around for centuries but I like cheesy plotlines like this.

A predictable and cheesy plotline actually makes it easy and relaxing to read. There is no drama. There are no cliffhangers. Every chapter just starts off as a regular day in the protagonist's life. He just goes about it and I get to see the inner workings of his mind and go on a free ride.

A voyeur is what it makes me. And a voyeur I am. I am not ashamed of it. I love my voyeuristic lifestyle. It makes me live vicariously, all my fantasies and adventures. I am happy to do it without getting off my butt. Why would I go exploring if I can live it through the eyes of a Joe or Jake?

I am just a regular run of the mill miner, who sweeps the old battlefields for any mines left behind. Don't think for a second that this is an altruistic job of helping people. I can trade these at the weekly fair. It is a boring existence and reading about exciting adventures is how I escape for a few hours a day. Would I change it if given the opportunity? We will never know because my world is not as interesting as the one in this novel.

While I have been eating my lunch and reading my webnovel, the people from across the table are done. My time is also up. Back to the fields. Where is my helmet? Where are my goggles and gloves? I better hope that the glitches are not bad at this time of the day. What are you waiting for? I got to get back to the fields and rake them for mines.

For the love of voyeurism, let me get a few good ones today. I will catch you folks later. You folks take care and behave yourself. Don't go on any adventures without my reading about it.