1 Prologue

The night is getting deeper and the dark clouds has passed revealing the full blue moon. The cry of the newborn child was heard coming from the smallest hut deep in the middle of the forest.

"Agape! You had such a beautiful daughter! Here, take her. I'll find a clean cloth to wipe her clean." florencia smiled  looking at the crying newborn child.

She was then taken by her mother, who's sweat is visible all over her body because of exhaustion in giving birth and embraced the child in her chest. The child didn't stop crying, as if she's waiting for someone's hand to embrace her too.

"Please stop crying my love, Mama is afraid that they'll hear and take you away from me.." The mother said to her child while laying down on the mat where she gave birth to.

The glow of the blue moon are passing through the small open window giving light to where they're laying down. Surprisingly, the child stops crying and fell asleep in her mother's embrace.

Florencia arrived and took the child. She cut the umbilical, cleaned, put clothes and laid the child down on a clean sheet near her.

"Agape, we need to carry out the chant while your child is young, It'll be hard when she grows older." florencia looked at her goddaughter who's staring outside the window. Agape immediately tried to get up so she helped her sit down.

"Ninang, I can't.."

Agape looked at her as a tear welled up in her eyes. 

"Agape! You know that this is for your child's sake right?!" she angrily reminded her. 

"I know Ninang, and I also don't want them to take her away. I want her to have a normal life." she said crying.

Florencia close her eyes forcing herself not to cry in front of her.

Agape wiped off her tears as she handed her something. It was wrapped in an old cloth. Florencia was shocked. She already knew what was inside without even looking at it.

"Ninang, we both know that I'll be dead once I go out. I'm begging you ninang, She'll die if I bring her too." 

Agape continued as her tears were flowing endlessly. Florencia finally give up and let her tears flow seeing how pitiful her sweet goddaughter is. Remembering how this sweet, young child ended up in this situation.

It was all that man's fault!

she thought.

She tightly hugged the child whom she raised and treated as her own daughter. She loved this child with all her heart from the very moment she laid her eyes on this orphan child and now, it's time for her child to be loved too.

"Agape! go and hide somewhere far! I'll promise you that I will take care of your child until you go back. I will give all my love and protect her against this cursed town no matter what.."

Agape nodded and smiled bitterly.

"By the way, her name is Emilia.."

She said caressing the child and giving her a kiss for the last time..