'I'm happy' is nothing but pretty words for someone like me Book

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'I'm happy' is nothing but pretty words for someone like me


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I was around 16 years old when it happened. Right before I could kill myself. A letter slipped under my door. It had the words S.C on it. "Dear Carson Are you sad? Are you angry? Do you feel a black hole of emptiness in you..? Is life treating you like trash on the side of the road? But most importantly... Do you want to escape?" Those 5 words hit me like knives. I slowly opened the rest of the letter and continued reading. "If you want to live a life where you are destined to live a 'perfect' life. choose how you want to live instead of living on a whim. Then I suggest you visit our organization. If you want to be 'happy' then make a choice right now. Continue living your life where your every movement feels dishonest and unlike you or start a new one, Where anything is possible. Where you can still be with the people you love even if they're dead. A perfect world" "Where you don't have to feel empty anymore..." I read out loud. My eyes slowly left the words and I turned the page to see a map showing instructions how to go to this organization. At that moment I made my choice. I want to feel 'happy' but...Can someone like me really be happy?


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