'Elementum Impetum' school for Magical Arts Book

novel - Fantasy

'Elementum Impetum' school for Magical Arts


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Nicholas Walker is a lot of things and being a Time mage is one of them ... he lives in a mansion with his "Master mage" Uncle , Mr. Walker , he is the newly elected Minister of Magic ...................... you might be thinking how cool it is to live in a place were magic flows through every particle, but it was not the case for Nick because he had to work day and night to become an idol like his uncle, who is an epitome of idealism and perfection. But when Nick discovered of his Uncle's darkly obscured secret and a shocking truth about himself, Will his time magic be enough or will he something more to overcome the hazard ? How will he deal with these two situations crashing together ? Will he choose his dark destiny or will he make a dangerous choice that will completely change him?


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