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What is 나인바카라aab889。com바카라게임방법 나인바카라

Read ‘나인바카라aab889。com바카라게임방법 나인바카라’ Online for Free, written by the author ojgi3333, This book is a History Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: nvxchghvbvch



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Douluo Dalu : The Unrestrained Demons

Sagar mysteriously transmigrated to the world of Douluo Dalu, but the problem is he doesn't know anything about this world and its story. Luckily enough, he has three different abilities from three respective anime worlds ; Three Haki, Kagune and the Rinnegan and Rinne-Sharingan. But later he realized that this world has something called the Spirit Ring cultivated by Spirit Masters. While others' Spirit Ring is absorbed after killing a Spirit Beast, he on the other hand automatically awakens spirit rings after a certain level of strength and power. Guess what, all his Spirit Rings are actually Immortal Physique from Emperor Domination, isn't this wild? His first Spirit Ring is Hell Suppressing Immortal Physique, the second is Immortal Soaring Physique and so on. But the resentful aspect of those rings are, it is almost impossible to cultivate. Even after absorbing a million year old Spirit Ring, why does this ring not even achieve Half-completion ? So hateful, so hateful !! Follow the journey of our Main character who has to live in the world of Douluo Dalu while getting hunted and being targeted by lots of powerful powerhouses. Will he die or will he survive while constantly getting hunted by those powerhouses ? He will have to fight against both friends and enemies because in this world where power reigns, betrayal is inevitable and survival is almost impossible. Love, pain, hatred, abandonment and many more, if you want to survive, you have to learn to become a demon who devours others. Special Note 1 : I wanted to write this fanfiction for two reasons, one is that there aren't many Douluo Fanfiction with a good storyline . And even if there are, they are ruined because of harem tag or r18 tag or other aspect. Or they are also destroyed by cringe forced romance or relationships, or by making Tang San forcefully evil when he is just a kind character according to what I have seen or read although I am reluctant to admit it. And also, those fanfiction writers make spirit hall unreasonably kind and beautiful for no reason . Or they even destroy the original character of those Douluo Dalu. Special Note 2 : Mc does not have any daddy plot armor in this fanfiction, he can even die or even go through hell and never achieve what he wants. This story is about unexpected challenges and struggles surviving in a cruel world. Love, betrayal, violence and lots of schemes will be there. Please don't expect a happy and sweet ending in this novel because although the story may start with sweetness, you will realize how brutal and ruthless this story can become in the future chapters. Reminder : I am not gonna make Tang San an evil character or something and will be using his original character. Also this story is written by me for self interest, if you want to read then I will possibly release a new chapter every Sunday or not. The release rate isn't confirmed. If you don't want to read then please , you are free to. Last note : Mc isn't Op or Strongest, he is just a survivor and a struggler wanting to survive in a cruel world, so please don't criticize his action and decision since he is neither evil nor good but just a pitiful survivor in this unfamiliar world !!

Villain_Rai · Book&Literature
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Mahar dari Langit

Sinopsis Mahar dari Langit Putri Langit, gadis Bugis yang cantik dan calon dokter gigi. Anak bangsawan dan pengusaha kaya raya di Makassar, berusaha sekuat tenaga memperjuangkan cintanya. Menerobos kerumitan adat Uang Panai’ yang membelenggu kuat keinginannya untuk bersatu dengan pujaan hatinya. Samudera, pemuda yatim piatu biasa dari kampung terpencil di lereng pegunungan Wilis, Madiun Jawa Timur, dibebani tanggung jawab terhadap banyak hal yang menyangkut kehidupan dan sekolah adik-adiknya., memperjuangkan cintanya habis-habisan demi bisa bersanding dengan Putri. Melewati berbagai tantangan yang tidak mudah. Takdir mempertemukan dirinya dengan Andi Muhammad Langit, ayah Putri, seorang bangsawan yang berpegang teguh pada adat istiadat orang Bugis, di sebuah event raksasa yang mempertaruhkan harga diri, gengsi dan sirri. Andi Hasan, pemuda bangsawan Bugis super kaya yang congkak dan selalu memaksakan keinginannya. Mengejar Putri hingga ujung dunia untuk memenuhi ambisinya mempersatukan kerajaan bisnis yang menggurita dari sektor tambang hingga industri perkapalan. Puang Maharani, Ibu yang semula penurut dan patuh kepada suaminya, berubah menjadi singa betina yang garang agar bisa mempertahankan dan memperjuangkan putrinya dari cengkeraman adat yang bisa merenggut kebahagiaan putrinya. Benturan dan pertentangan antara hidup dan cinta dengan adat istiadat pada masing-masing suku di Indonesia sangat beragam. Namun Uang Panai’ salah satu di antaranya yang sanggup memisahkan cinta menjadi serpihan patah hati dan potongan-potongan duka lara. Perjuangan tak kenal menyerah, do’a-do’a tak lekang dari pasrah, ternyata mampu terbawa hingga pintu langit. Saat Yang Maha Menciptakan Cinta, ikut campur tangan agar pagar berduri dari adat yang bisa melukai, tidak lagi menghalangi bersatunya dua hati. Jakarta, 30 Maret 2024

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My Heart's Throne

I messed up big time!! At first it was easy, at least simple then it got complicated then it got complex then at the end... it wasn't what any of us have thought. While trying to fall out of love with him I got myself tangled up with other two. - Loving him was the best feeling I have ever felt. Him being there for me when I needed him the most. Him cheering me up when I'm sad. Him making me laugh and giggle with his goofiness and his silly jokes. Him making me blush every damn time with his teases and comments that just keep my feeling alive and ignites them even more. He is just beyond perfect. I have been in love with Matt for so long but I have hidden it behind my curtains, behind my friendly smiles. Because... Because I, Summer Clain, am his best friend and nothing more. A girl can wish and hope though, right? No. 1 "I can't get in I'll just wait for you out here." "No. You're not." He drags me inside. "It's the boys locker." I protest. "So?" "Their could be a naked guy inside." I reason. "First, No. We're the only ones here. And second, if there was any guy in there I wouldn't be willing to let you go in 'cause I'm hundred percent positive that they would be all over you." He replies. My blush increases. "And sweetheart, I'm the only guy who is allowed to be all over you." His voice gets husky and low as he whispers the last parts. "You're impossible." No. 2 Oh god. The feeling and emotions that erupt inside my chest as well as the pit of my stomach is wordless. The way his lips work around my body, the equal attention he gave to my breasts makes me speechless. He removes his lips from my hot fiery skin only to lock them with mine again. "God, you're fucking beautiful." He looks into my mint hazels, his fingers playing on the string of my panties asking for permission. No. 3 Without either of us knowing he was already crowned on 'My Heart's Throne'.

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Angel of Death; The chronicles of Cain

• Angel of Death;The Chronicles of Cain Synopsis:        As lore and legends has always made us believe since the ancient times, of a place full of torment and despair, specifically meant for those who out of there ignorance goes against the laws of creation .In the deepest part of this realm of darkness and damnation known to most as Hell lies a discreet and darker chamber called the Dome of Cain.         This discreet chamber situated at the bottom of this ungodly realm houses the worst of all creation; the souls of murderers, human souls who broke the most sacred law of creation, by taking the life of another, worst case scenario; this place of unspeakable terror was home to the most gruesome of all of creation ; Death, the eternal governor of the pit. If Death ever had a throne, on this plane was the throne of Death sited deep within the labyrinth of corridors which ran through the mighty dark castle towering the murky atmosphere of the bottom of the pit, filled  with visible trail of smoke emanating from the green-hot flowing lava which form canals through the rocky terrain, most times flowing into what seem like a river of it.           The castle top was the highest perch in these desolate plain, built into the rocky wall which surrounded this plane, extending vertically right into the clouds which was formed by the accumulation of the dark smokes from the burning brimstone, yet right above this cloud the wall extended further right unto the next plane, which made it seem more like a giant well ,which was the more reason why it was called the pit by most .These walls rooted right on the rocky bottom trampled and worked upon by desperate souls scattered all over the desolate scene, breaking through the heavy rocks mining for Azroth, a rare ore extracted from brimstone, working tirelessly to prevent the slash from  heavy chains held by the creatures which where once the soul of men, turned into killing machines, by Death ,through a popular sports known as the Death-match in this parts.          These cursed souls after having to kill there way through a hundred murderous souls, all candidates of the untimely death-match, the last man standing being the sole-survivor walks out of the pit; the arena for the death-match, with its title as a Reaper; a member of Deaths creed of assassins, if ever every system of government was to have an executive, then the Reapers were Deaths military order, whose operation was within and without this underworld. For it is from those who make it through series of this matches specially designed to get rid of the numerous souls cast into this pit, that Death picks out his ferocious killers sent back to earth through a back door to do his dirty biddings, making them believe it was the only way to there salvation.

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