4 ꧁ Chapter 3, Just one normal day ~꧂

I walked down the hallway as it was 6th period, The last period of the day I sighed and walked into the class with my bag by my side; I sat down at my desk and watched as the others flooded into the room like water in a river, The teacher had been talking out side of the classroom for quite a while now; So everyone messed around with the classroom and each other even though it was quite loud I could still catch some much needed sleep.

I sighed and layed my head down on the cold serface, and stayed like that for about 3-4 minutes before the teacher swung the door open, and slamed it closed, I think shes the most agressive out of all the teachers of this grade. Honestly I wonder how she can keep her job at this point, Because If I slip upon something I could get my ass into some big problem's.

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the teacher looked around the classroom and sighed as she started to read off the names from the clip-bored or the attendance list. I sighed and moved my head slightly to the left, I didn't wanna move my head at all from the desk as it was 'glued' there. I stained my ears to hear the teacher words as they where quiet and harsh as her personality made them that way. I could feel my shoulder being tapped quite softly it honestly felt odd but soothing.

Foot steps could be heard as they draw closer to me and the other few around my desk, Flicking my tail; I looked up at the teacher who stood right in front of my desk looking down on me like a 'abuseive' father would look before they beat the liveing hell out of the kid. " Do you have a reason for sleeping in class? " The teacher would ask in her normal harsh toned voice.

" Well Yes I do. " I said in a confedent tone, " Then can you tell me why.? " She'd ask again.

" Mhm! " I hummed as I looked at her, " One- I wasn't sleeping, Two- I had my eye open, three- I was looking directly at you!. " I listed.

" Okay then, But I will be keeping an eye on you. " She muttered below her breath, as I let out a short snaral; 'Great my first rival is a fucking teacher.' I thought as I lowered my head again and she began teaching the class some of the basic shit we already knew. that fucking argument took up about 6-7 minutes of out class time, Not to mention the teacher was talking to one of the staff members wich also took time off of the class, It was pretty short now only being about 15-16 minutes long thanks to the two incedent's.

The bell rung and every one got up as the teacher puased right in the middle of a sentance and scoffed, I walked down the hallway and into the commons sence I had already grabed my stuff; I walked out of the door and soon enough I got stopped by Dexter and whisper, Dexter had this little devilish smile painted on his blind ass looking face, and whisper had a look of confuseion layed on his face. " What do you want.? " I asked the two.

" Well~ I wanted to know if well we could come over to your house and all! " Dexter admited. "Dexter you do realized you'd need to ask your parents? And We kinda just started talking today you know.?" I replyed.

" I know but, If not can we at least walk home with you? We all live the same way anyway..." He'd 'look' at me with those clouded eye of his. "I can't say no beacuse you'd still be comeing with me. " I'd mutter as I started to walk off again, The two followed me with the occasional chit-chat that came along with it. I sighed and turned left down the fork in the road as the two still continued to follow me down the street. I stood there for a few seconds and so did they as the wind picked up, I continued walking shortly after. "How far back to you guys live?? " I asked.

"I'm not to far off from here. " Whisper admitted. "Mines close by his- " Dexter said planly.

"Okay then.. " I muttered.

I could hear the two rambleing on-and on about something, Untill Dexter said bye and left the little group leaveing me and Whisper to our selves. I flicked my tail and watched as he started to pick up his pace to be beside me. "Are you cold again 'Rabbit' ? " I asked.

"Only a little, I'll be fine. " He confessed. " Okay then, I gotta turn off soon. " I muttered looking down at the rabbit as we walked, " Oh! " He sounded pretty surprized.

I Sighed and grabed the rabbits arm to pull him further up the road, Stoped about four houses away from when we started to run,And turned into the pathway of my house. " Oh so you live here.? " He asked. " Mhm! Now you can get home a little quicker alright? "I said Slightly teaseing the rabbit and how slow they where going.

" Why do You BuLlY me! " The rabbit asked his voice slightly cracking. " I dunno. " I admitted as I walked Down the little path and into my house to leave the rabbit standing there on the sidewalk..

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