2 ꧁ Chapter 1. "The new kid" ꧂

I woke up to the famillar ring of my alarm clock, I lazily rose my arm up and out of the covers to grab my phone; I pressed on the 'Stop alarm' button and set it back down on my Nightstand, I pulled the covers off and swung my my legs to the side of the bed and onto the floor; And with that I started getting ready. I walked over to my closet and opened it with a slight grunt I walked in and came out a few minutes later wearing my plad t-shirt with a black jecket hanging loosely around my waist with your regular jean's.

I walked down stairs and sighed another day, another school day that is. It was monday, I 'padded' into the kitchen and grabed an apple out fro the fruit basket along with an orange; Siting down in a chair next the the island and slowly ate it all Pealing the oranges skin off and eating that first cause why not? I mean It is 'Un-natural' for my spesies but who the heck cares enough to tell me other wise.

After eating I padded over to the door and grabed my book-bag and threw it on over my head and arm, It was one of those things like what an 'old mail man' would wear around their neck; I opened the door and walked out of my appartment because I apparently couldn't live with my Homophobic parent's as they hated the me for being Pansexual.

I closed the door behind me, I didn't feel like rideing the bug wich smelled like a septic tank when they clean out all the dung from the past few month's or so. I pulled my phone out of my bag along with some headphones, and sighed and turned spotify on My playlist wasen't much but i was content with the 10-14 songs I had on there. as it was just enough to get me though the morning; I looked at the playlist till i came across my favorate song, Ghost.

About 16-18 minutes later I reach the school and I walk in aware that i'm late to class by 4 minute's because I was scolded for it when I entered the building, I walked down the hallway to my locker and but my bag in it, and closed it up once I was done My first class well Homeroom was fun, We could just sleep. So I quickly "sprinted" over to the class room and walked in and sat down at my desk the first thing I did was lay my arms down in a cris-cross like pattern and lat my head down in it.

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I slept for about 3-4 minutes before the teacher snaped at one of the other students to be quiet, She rarely does that So i had to raise my head up and look around the bright looking room there was a student standing there next to the homeroom teacher. " Everyone, This is Whisper. " She said quite cheerfully It was funny to see our old grumpy and tired teacher try and make a good impression. " H-hey! I'm Whisper, I came from the north I used to go to a school called 'Leopard claw High?'.. I'm still farly new to this place.. " The smaller boy started, The boy looked real familliar to me as well.

" O-oh! your the guy from last night? " He asked with confuseion laceing every word tightly. "Mhm! " I hummed.

" It's in my locker- I can grab it and give it back after class.... " He muttered, as some of the classmates shot glances and glares at me along with others who slightly "oooo~" -ed, This is gonna be a 'great' half of the school year. I sighed and pushed my self back into the comfort of my 'Folded' Arms and sat their peacefully as the other took their chance to talk freely and the new student Chose a seat to sit at, But of course their just Always happens to be a seat next to the kids that long the feeling of being alone for the whole day.

He chose to sit next to me, I knew that because one, He placed a hand on my back and two he asked If I was alright; I could honestly hear the worry in his voice, But why would he be worried for someone he hardly even know's? I mean we only met yesterday because of the bus stop and that fact that he was cold as fuck, I mean I wouldn't Blame the small 'Rabbit'...

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