1 Chapter One: It Begins

As the days go on, there hasn't been many people for me to talk to, NaturalSfmStudios continues to write in his journal. NaturalSfmStudios hears a knock on the door, he gets up and opens the door to see that is was Neely as he looks at NaturalSfmStudios Suspiciously "It doesn't make sense to me, why do they come back when I made it clear that the team forsure splits up.....I guess Neely doesn't quite get that" NaturalSfmStudios frowns at Neely with a tired face faking it "Really NaturalSfmStudios now's not the time to play around, something bad is happening to this world I can feel it" NaturalSfmStudios looks up and thinks as he sees the sky different then he last saw it as he stared into space "Come inside Neely" NaturalSfmStudios in a rush as he pulls Neely through the door "wait, you just-" Neely Interrupted by NaturalSfmStudios "We must get everyone back together, now.....this is very bad for me and all of us" NaturalSfmStudios closes the blinds and puts up a digital map of the globe as Neely looks at him worried "what's wrong, what did you see?" Neely said in a fascinated tone, as NaturalSfmStudios looks at Neely in the eyes terrified "We don't have much time to explain" NaturalSfmStudios Uses Narration and Teleports the others to his place as Neely looked at him Suprised "I never knew you could do that" Neely said Fascinated. Silver looks around noticing NaturalSfmStudios and Neely, "Where am I, this isn't my house Natural what are you doing here, what am I doing here?"Silver said softly as she looks at NaturalSfmStudios confused as everyone else knew what was wrong "It's hard to explain, nows not the time" NaturalSfmStudios moves his chair out of the way "What's going on to the world, this can't be happening" Unknown walks to the map as Scortris looks down "how could a single globe fall apart from itself, if it's life giving it power" Unknown looks at NaturalSfmStudios "Natural what's going on to this world, why is continuing to die, you said once we defeat Static everything was gonna go back to the way it was?" Unknown looks at NaturalSfmStudios Suspiciously "When Static Tried to damage our world, he did it in the matter of seconds, when I was about to kill static he told me that this world wouldn't exist to see it's future, he used a magnetic shockwave fielder on our world, that's when he started paying more attention to the Universes, we only stopped him from destroying our universe...but not our world, I was given a choice between the universe and our world, clearly we chose our side, now we have to save this planet from dieing slowly, but for some reason, he said it's coming and it will rise" NaturalSfmStudios thinks as the others pay close attention, "no way, how do we stop it...there's got to be something we could do right?" Zero points out to the map as Netro and Roxy thinks "Magnetic Fielders are powerful no wonder why he used it, but there not that entirely dangerous all it does is gave us a- nevermind" Netros eyes widened "Where is it located, if we could get to it we could be able to disable it's weapon before the lights go out" silver thinks "but it's timing is Doom to fail it could- go off any minute, NaturalSfmStudios we have to disable this Weapon" Silver gets up as Unknown slams his fist "That bastard left us with our life's on the line, yet he thinks his ashes will doomed this world, no way if it means dieing a hero's death then I'm in" Unknown gets up "well I guess we're all in this together, NaturalSfmStudios what do you say?" Neely looks at NaturalSfmStudios as he doesn't say a word, he then looks up "Its crazy to put all of your life's on the line, but a world that has a little left to give is what I'm expecting, save this world" Unknown hears a loud air coming closer then NaturalSfmStudios jumps in the way "GET DOWN?!!!" As an explosion hits NaturalSfmStudios house, as the missile hits Natural he quickly punches the tip of the missile and it disintegrated as it disappears into thin air and Natural looks to see a mysterious person who laughed at Natural then it disappears "Useless style of words" it said making Natural award of his surroundings "Oh Yeah, Words Aren't Useless if you studied them right" NaturalSfmStudios said as he looks around studying it's movement as Unknown gets up "If you think you can let this world burn to hell, you better hope it doesn't bite you in the ass" Unknown said angry as it laughs even more, it charges Unknown with furious of power And uses shockwave fielder around Unknown shocking him as he struggles to break free, Natural uses Narration but it was no use, Silver gets up and uses dark magic and uses void power and hits it making him disappear as Unknown falls down knocked out cold as Silver ran to Unknown worried "Unknown are you okay, can you hear Unknown" Silver cries as she hugs him, "this is only the beginning of this world, we cannot fail, if I can't use my narration this world is doomed, don't let your guard down" They all nod there head.

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