静的ボイドInsticWalker III The Revenge Of Leixfeda Book

novel - Fantasy

静的ボイドInsticWalker III The Revenge Of Leixfeda


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They hear there own mind listening to there path as the wind bleeds through there skin like blades when Silver Realizes that she is one step closer to an edge that will never let her leave, Scrotris, Netro, and Roxy team up to find the rest of there friends while Calabaza is having difficulty with his powers. NaturalSfmStudios is worried that a knew threat might be lerking in the dark as Unknown goes solo to find silver and his brother Neely. The one that pulls the plug is making a fool out of all of them, once he gets what he wants he'll split them up into parllel dimensions leaving NaturalSfmStudios to face it alone. As the Exotic makes it's move, its not fooled by Narration Power, he sees there every move and is going to strike into number one major problem, it's all up to the fang himself to get the job done.