1 Late Lin's Tale

Growing up, I always harked to Mister Lin Jun, my Chinese father and the eldest young master of Lin Empire spoke to me wondrous stories on how he and my stunning American mother, Miss Elizabeth Mendez fell in love with each other.

It was a habit of his to talk and share something he treasured in his life to me before I doze off on my soft and comfortable bed, and it was as if their love affair was a sleeping pill that I had in my peaceful nights.

Both of my parents are one of the well-known businessmen from the largest groups of companies in the city of Marshal where I was born and raised, and the people below them highly respected their good leadership and non-abusive authority of their respective roles as CEO.

My mama holds Scottfield which consistently ranked on the top three list of the prominent food and beverage companies in the entire country and abroad.

She is known to be the ice queen in the conglomerate realm due to her reserved and collected personality, and of course, her striking, and good-looking countenance.

On the other hand, my papa possessed Dongwu Group which had a vast number of animal manufacturers and producers worldwide, and was the ultimate playboy and a pleasure seeker on their era.

And, I will not forget the great tale he told me the moment when they first met.

Sitting on his swivel chair, the jet black-haired Lin Jun tapped his foot following along the rhythm of a famous jazz song he played on his cellular phone, and he took a sip on his hot black coffee on the tabletop.

He continuously lifted his head back and forth, feeling the groovy vibe of the tone of the music. "Oh yeah, baby bring it on!"

As he sang the lyrics, the bachelor heard of a sudden knock on the entrance and the glass swing door gracefully opened.

There, he saw the most beautiful brunette-haired woman who he never anticipated to come into his office right before his pure hazelnut eyes similar to mine.

Startled, he quickly turned the volume down and masked a serious look on his captivating face so that he would look professional on his stead.

My papa thought maybe the chairwoman of Dongwu Group, my grandma set up another blind date to discuss the much-demanded arrange marriage proposal with a new female candidate, as she was too determined to have a grandchild of her own.

Smirking, he blatantly stood up and walked towards the sullen Elizabeth Mendez. He was very honored and lucky enough to have her by his side; all thanks to his mom's great taste in selecting a future spouse and soon-to-be the maternal figure of his heir.

"I see. You're the woman who's going to marry me, huh. Too excited to see my handsomeness, future Mrs. Lin?" he cheekily asserted, and grinned.

Expecting her to be flirtatious like what his flings and fuck buddies would always do, he came closer to her delicate face and had an eye contact with the green irises of the seemingly calm Elizabeth.

He was looking ahead to her seductive actions and teasing jokes, together with an erotic and hot kiss from the plump lips of hers later on.

But, she didn't hesitate to slap his cheek hard, and unforgettable words that stuck in my father's head leaked out from her mouth. He bulged his eyes out in shock, and could not move a muscle to hit her back as he should.

"Cut the crap, and let me get this straight. You promised to the Scottfield that you will provide us a mass merchandise we needed. Now, where is it, Mr. Lin Jun? I've been waiting for it for three months, and yet it doesn't look like you're working on it. And, here you are, slacking on your seat, and singing off-key." Liza rolled her eyes and pushed him away from her.

"And, Mrs. Lin, you say? Dream on. I never asked Madame Chairman to give you my hand in marriage with a player like you who wanders around, boozes himself in a luxurious bar, and ravages a bunch of girls," she cracked up in a mocking manner and scowled at the frozen bachelor.

Due to the bachelorette's statement, my father started up throwing a fit and intently stared at her in madness.

Thus, the war between the CEO of Scottfield and the CEO of Dongwun Group began in a swift.

There were clashing of reports, cruel criticisms and arguments, deadly stares which may kill an innocent being, and an inevitable competition between them.

Brutal utterances were running out of their sharp tongues, and insults were the swords of the raging battle to no end.

A year elapsed, Mister Lin Jun came to realize he genuinely admired and respected her, not because she was pretty like what the majority of his peers, workers, and family said.

He saw her passion to strive hard on her career in order to prove her worth to her villainous siblings that she could do everything without their help.

Thus, he wooed her; but she, without a single doubt, rejected him. But it didn't take long just as she became aware of her own feelings. Due to this, Elizabeth cares for him a lot, and she accepted him wholeheartedly.

To make things short, they got married and had me. Their one and only daughter by the name of Kara Lin or Lin Yenay.

"Papa, how did you know she is the one?" the eight-year-old me asked, wondering why he chose my mother instead of any other women in the populated Marshal City.

Considering that Miss Elizabeth was aloof, I couldn't imagine how he managed to deal with her temperament on their dating phase.

I was lying on the bed and wrapping myself with a sentimental soft, blue blanket to my small frame, and I could even see the glistening of my father's eyes even if my room was in a dim light. I can assure myself he dearly loved my mother and he cherished her the most.

He then caressed my silky dark brown hair, and a pleasant smile formed on his mouth. Oh, how I like to take a glimpse of my incredible papa's beam once again before I drop myself to slumber!

He shrugged and kissed on my smooth forehead to make sure I feel secured by his domineering presence, "I just knew she's for me, my darling, Kara Lin."

I creased my thick brows and pouted. His answer upset me, succeeding I hearkened to his deep, subtle voice. It was odd, really really odd. How did he just know? Couldn't he further enlighten me at least? "Papa, you tell me a better reason, puhlease."

I folded my tiny hands like I was praying to the Heavenly Father, but my Papa Lin let out a lilt of laughter. He thus scooped me up on his strong arms, and he placed his forefinger onto my temple.

"Kara, it is in your mind which recognizes the right person who you desire to honor in the fullness of time. The heart makes us foolish, so you have to be wise on choosing the guy for you. And, how do I know your mama's the one for me, you ask?"

Papa Lin paused, and he tucked a few locks behind my ear as it covered my face. He then slipped a curvaceous smile, and he nuzzled my hair," She's a thief, and she captured me with her kind and loving soul. Your mama gave birth to you and influenced me to become a changed man who I didn't see in the stars after I came across her."

I couldn't quite understand what he explained to me, but I nodded and yawned. It was a cue that I needed a long rest.

The eldest young master too noticed I was getting tired and he let me settle back on my fluffy bed. He planted me another kiss on my soft cheek, and I didn't clearly comprehend his last words.

"...I found him..." was the last thing I heard, and Papa Lin departed from my bedroom.

Regardless of his blurry response, my juvenile self believed I could have the kind of real affection from a gentleman like my papa showed to my mama Liza someday.

However, at the raw age of nineteen, I do not think I can experience the warmth and trust in my true love's wings which I envisioned when I was eight.

The eleven years of yearning to seek for a valuable relationship turned out to be blissful yet a broken dream slowly crashing into pieces.

Nevertheless, I should live on with my appalling purpose as the sole daughter of the wealthy tycoons from the notable Mendez-Lin bloodline.

If only the deceased Mister Lin Jun didn't vanish into the earth, I could have been free from the load I've been carrying on my back.

I am bound to be married to an unknown man whom I never ever talked to, and loved for my family's companies sake.