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"Marriage? Hahahaha very funny, if you want to fight come to the ground hmph!!!" "You know me very well my friend I will never destroy my soo cool life with marriage, even if you sell me off hmph!! Get away I don't wanna talk to you" Few months later "Marriage bureau!? Okay! We will marry, as long as you promise me that we will never have sex..." 'Definitely, I only want to be with you, my love nothing more or less' he thought inwardly and said "As you wish" he smiled dotingly "Hehehe Good... Let's sign the marriage contract then... By the way where is that paper I want, I would like to sign those first. This story? Aaaaa... Let me think A strong female lead - Definitely A strong Male lead - Obviously What is not obvious!? Maybe a female lead in itself... Soo this story is about a women who works for government who is free spirit, dominating, clumsy and talkative... As being their only sister her three considered brother or friend always pamper her a lot plus she is very spoiled too but never wanted to be depend on anyone anymore... And about a man who's only goal in his life was to be at top which he succeeded in 8 years of his career from bottom to top... Now after being forced by his family he needs to get married to a GIRL...!!!! Even though he is straight but what he hates the most is hypocritic girls... Abhijeet met a girl who is not hypocrite but totally opposite of him. The interaction was small but left a deep impression on him. Impression led to craving, craving to meet her again. For him she was the golden fleece of his life. It was not a love at first sight. But one of them wanted to believe it. Because with one sight of her make him believe she is the only one for him. It is said that if you want something from your heart, then the whole work takes place in an attempt to match it with you. I don't know if you're gonna like this novel or not but I would like to tell you to try this at least for 10 to 15 chapters might you like it then. At last I would like to tell you this story is not that messed but my English can be!! Because it's not my first language... I hope you will be able to stop yourself from criticizing me.... hehehe... Best of luck to me... For this novel please go to my other book Opposites attract my love from webnovel profile... There i am uploading chapters. . # I am writing another book too... WHY AM I HOLDING ON YOU... COVER doesn't relate to me...


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