7 New Source of Power

One week later, the revolutionary ideals propagated by Ernest through speech echoed throughout the city of Eighbury, significantly increasing his followers.

All of which is thanks to his loyal followers who made a speech at his stead at different streets and districts of Eighbury. Most of the new followers were either farmers, fishers, seamstress, soldiers, construction workers, and others.

Different species united as one at the new ideal Ernest created, be it elves, dwarves, and beastmen.

Now, the current number of followers of the United National Socialist Party is 2,400. 60% of the Eighbury population.

During those days, Ernest thought that he couldn't live in Sophia's house if he wanted to become the leader. So he bought a cheap mansion for 7 gold coins and used half of the one gold coin to fix and refurbish the mansion.

Within one week, he created a stronghold and gathered followers. Now the only thing that can hinder his progress is the presence of the city lord.

In the drawing-room of the mansion, late evening, Sophia went to talk to Ernest who was busy handling files and documents.

"So you're concerned about the city lord taking action?" she said after hearing Ernest, "You are right, the city lord posed a threat to your revolutionary movement."

"Yes, so I was wondering how many militias we currently have?"

Sophia pondered for a moment and then answered, "We have 150 Ernest. But as far as I know, they are not armed or equipped. Most of their weapons were confiscated after the war. If you want to fend off the city lord you might need to order one to the blacksmiths, but it'll cost a lot."

"How many knights does this city have?"

"300 armed and trained knights."

Ernest clicked his tongue as he began contemplating. The Kingdom of Crentis forces were reduced to 100,000 after the war and most of the soldiers who lost their jobs began to have a civilian life. According to Sophia's information, the soldiers enlisted in the United National Socialist Party are 150 which are little compared to the number of knights the Eighbury currently have. Not to mention they are trained and armed. Even if he conducted an uprising his forces would be surely decimated.

However, during contemplation, an idea sparked inside his mind. He hasn't opened his menu for a while. So he thought of opening it.

And what a coincidence, the system prompted out an interface with a congratulatory message.

[Congratulations for completing the main quest: Outrage Sells.]

[You received 50,000 tyrant points and 2,400 followers.]

[New main quest will be automatically displayed sooner or later.]

[New update of the system: Finish one more quest for the system to upgrade.]

'Upgrade huh?' Ernest thought, what could that be. But it's early to contemplate that so he gave up and shifted to his main purpose of opening the system.

The corners of his mouth curled as he thought of an idea.

But first, there's something he needed to confirm.

"Sophia, do you know the main sources of income of this city? Can you give me an estimate?"

"The main source of income of the city of Eighbury is 70% mining, 15% agriculture and fisheries, 15% for others. Why sir?"

"Mining huh? Oh, I'm so lucky…." Ernest chuckled, "And what is the equipment of the city knights?"

"They mainly wore full-plate armor, a sword, and a shield. Also, I almost forgot that they also have a cavalry."

"Hmm, as expected in the medieval-age era. Okay, I got what I need." Ernest stood up and clapped his hand. "Sophia, I want you to come with me, we are going somewhere."

"Late at night?" Sophia tilted her head, "Where that might be?"

"What is the occupation of the representative of the dwarven races? Guilhem? Is he a dwarf?"

"Yes Ernest, he's a dwarf. Most dwarfs work as blacksmiths or as construction workers."

"Okay let's go head to his place, I will give him something to build."

After hearing that, Sophia hurriedly rose to her seat, "Ernest didn't I tell you that it'll cost a lot to procure weapons for all of our knights?"

'I know. But we are not making swords and armors." Ernest placed his hand on her shoulder, assuring her of something, "We are going to create a weapon more powerful than that."

"More powerful than a sword?" Sophia's eyes widened. "What could that be…" Her eyes widened once more after getting struck with a realization.

"Yes, it is what you think it is and that is.." Ernest pulled something from inside of his coat and showed it to Sophia. It was the M9 Beretta.

"We are going to create a weapon similar to this." Ernest gushed.

Ernest and Sophia head to the Guilhem residence, the representative of the dwarven race. He's five minutes walk away from the new mansion he bought. To ensure his safety while walking on the dangerous night where crime is prevalent, they were escorted by four former soldiers of Kingdom Crentis who are armed enough to protect them from threat.

Five minutes later, they arrived at the residence. It was a two-story house made up entirely of wood. Ernest walked up the stairs and a creaking sound was produced.

The moment the creaking sound was made, a random sound was produced inside the house, probably noticing someone outside their home.

"Who is that?" Shouted Guilhem with a knife pointed at him.

"Oy calm down. I'm Ernest."

"Ohh...Sir Ernest...I'm very sorry for my manners." After seeing that it was not a threat, Guilhem lowered his knife.

"You can't be too careful nowadays. You're part of the United National Socialist Party anyway whose heads are already marked by the higher-ups for inciting a rebellion." Ernest said calmly, "What I'm saying is it's okay."

"So what can I do for you tonight sir Ernest? Seeing that you came here in the middle of the night seems like it can't wait until tomorrow."

"You're an astute one, Guilhem." Ernest praised, "So can we enter?" Ernest asked permission.

"Yes please come in."

With that, Sophia entered. Ernest glanced over his shoulder and spoke to his protection squad. "Wait here."

The guards saluted.

Inside the house, Guilhem placed a tea on their table and discussed it.

"Guilhem, I learned that dwarven races excelled in building a lot of things right?" Ernest said in reference to the books he read about them in a novel from Earth.

"Yes, you can say that sir," Guilhem affirmed. "As long as we can imagine it and have sufficient materials, we can build it."

As he confirmed that, Ernest exchanged a meaningful glance with Sophia. She nodded slightly, indicating something.

Ernest faced Guilhem, "Care to take it on a test?"


"I want to see if what you say is true. So I came here with an object." Ernest pulled out the gun. "This is the type of thing I want you to build in the future. So how can you build something like that? Do you just stare at it and the blueprint will show up or you'll just instantly learn how to build?"

"That's not how it works, Sir Ernest." Guilhem chuckled at the ridiculousness of his words, "Though the superior race of dwarves can do what you just said. They are called elder dwarfs. But as for us, we can build something like this as long as we understand how it works. No matter how complex the mechanism is."

"Hoh? Elder dwarf huh?" He had heard those words before, "Where can I see one."

"Who knows, even us dwarves don't know where they are. Okay, let's focus on this thing here. Can I hold it?"

"Yes you can...do what you like." Ernest granted.

Guilhem held the gun in puzzlement, this is the first time seeing one before. And it's somewhat heavy. "What is the purpose of this 'object?'

"It's a weapon," said Ernest.

"A weapon? How can this metal be a weapon? Do you throw this at the enemy or bashed it on the head of an enemy."

"Wha...What? No, it shoots projectiles." Ernest said.

"Shoots projectiles? Like an arrow?"

"Yes, you can say that."

"If that's the case then where is the string?"

"What?! No, that's not how it works." Ernest got enough of his ignorance about pistols. So he snatched the pistol.

"I'm sorry if I can't imagine how that thing can become a weapon, Sir," Guilhem said in an apologetic expression.

"No, it's okay. It's expected." Ernest said as pulled something out from inside of his coat. It's a cylindrical tube.

In order for Guilhem to understand the mechanism of the pistol, he must first demonstrate what it can do. Ernest fitted the suppressor he bought from the system shop for 200 tyrant points.

"So I will demonstrate it for you so that you can understand how this thing became a weapon. It's one of the pinnacles of technology in warfare. Unfortunately, it's loud and may wake up some neighbors so I put this cylindrical tube called a suppressor to suppress the sound." Ernest explained on which Guilhem listened keenly, not wanting to be embarrassed from his lack of knowledge.

He even faced Sophia to ask if she knew about this but she only shrugged. Indicating that it's better for him to see it with his own eyes.

"Do you have any target practice I can shoot?" Ernest asked Guilhem.

"Yes, you can shoot this armor plate here," Guilhem said and went to pick it up.

Several moments later, Guilhem arrived and asked Ernest. "Where can I place this?"

"Just place it anywhere in the distance of between 8 to 15 meters," Ernest said.

Guilhem placed the armor plate twelve meters away from where Ernest was standing. That distance should do.

Before he could initiate the demonstration, Guilhem asked. "What is the power of that object sir Ernest?"

"You'll see soon enough." Ernest curled his lips as he aimed his pistol.

Breathing in, getting stabilized, he fired.


The "object" spewed out a small piece of metal as it jerked in an instant. The armor plate which served as a target tool was pierced and created a small hole on the middle part.

Guilhem's eyes widened in astonishment, flabbergasted at what he just witnessed. He knew that it's a projectile that caused it to create a small hole in the armor plate but he didn't see it. His eyes didn't even get a glimpse of what hit it. So he approached the armor plate to see what hit it.

It was a small lump of metal.

Guilhem turned around to face Ernest who is currently dismantling every part of that gun. His eyes widened in shock.

"Wha...what are you doing sir Ernest? Why are they destroying it?"

He had just witnessed a new weapon that could rival the sword. No, even toppling it. Seeing it getting destroyed was like getting his heart crushed.

"Destroying it? No, I just dismantled every piece so that you can have a huge grasp on the inside. Now that you know why it became a weapon it's time for you to understand the inner workings of the gun."

"Gun? So the name of the object is a gun?"

"It seems that you're interested now, Guilhem." Ernest was amused. "So? Can you create one?"

"I'll study it sir, Ernest! I assure you that I can create one the moment I learn every inch of that gun." Guilhem said enthusiastically.

"That's the spirit. You're pumped up now! But this will not be the only gun you'll be making in the future. There's a lot of variety of guns." Ernest exclaimed. "So I'll be meeting you again tomorrow for another one."

"So you have another one?" Guilhem's eyes sparkled as they brimmed with excitement.

"Yes, and you'll be exhilarated."

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