6 New Party

One day later, Ernest, along with the representative of each race, conducts a meeting before he made his speech at the grand plaza of Eighbury City.

The representative of the Elven Races of the Crentis Kingdom, Eighbury City. Alwin Daekas.

The representative of the Beastman Races of the Crentis Kingdom, Eighbury City. Blackbelly.

The representative of the Dwarven Races of the Crentis Kingdom, Eighbury City. Guilhem.

The representative of the Human Races of the Human Race of the Crentis Kingdom, Eighbury City. Wayne. But he seceded his position to Ernest after being moved by his speech yesterday.

There are other minority groups in the Kingdom of Crentis such as the lizardman, orcs, et cetera as they do not live in this city.

But for now, four races will do.

Ernest, who was waiting for the representative to come to the restaurant where he made his first speech, skimmed through the files he wrote based on Sophia's information about the city and the talents of each race.

By skimming through it, Ernest had identified their importance to the society that will even topple human civilization on the Earth.

First the elven races. Most of them live in the holy tree which serves as their protector. They are so good at agriculture, forestry, and have a well-versed knowledge of plants that exist in their topography, making them useful in their future plans. After the war, most of them were kidnapped and were forced to work in the Empire's field to cultivate it.

Second, the beastman races. They have a good grasp of business knowledge and administrative work. Before the war, most of them were businessmen who flourished the kingdom's economy. Some of them are talented craftsmen. He had learned that the largest shipbuilding industry in the Kingdom of Crentis is from the beastman races. But their craftsmanship is not as good as the dwarves when it came to creating weapons.

Third, the dwarven races. They are those who have a small stature and have bulky bodies and old faces. But they are not to be underestimated as he had learned that they can build anything they can imagine! That's right, they can build anything as long as they can imagine it. Even if it's a magical weapon or a conventional one they can make or even improve it to a certain degree.

Each race is unique in its own way. He wondered what's the specialty of the other races?

Well, that will be known later on when he began his city hopping. But for now, one city will do.

Putting the files back on the table, Ernest heard a knock on the door.

"Ernest, the representatives are here to see you now."

"Okay, let them in."

Sophia bowed as she turned away and beckoned the representatives to come.

One by one, they entered. First is Alwin, he has a tall stature and a lean body. One could say that he is handsome for having such a meticulously carved face. Yesterday he saw him wearing tunics but now he seems to wear a black cassock that exemplifies the dignity and pride of the elven races.

Second, the beastman representative Blackbelly. One noticeable feature of him is that he has a dog's ear on his head and a tail wagged behind him.

Third, the dwarven representative, Guilhem. A short stocky build, sporting a thick light brown beard and bald head. His outfit is mostly brown, featuring a brown tunic, a small belt, and trousers.

Lastly, Wayne, who was the former human representative at the meeting yesterday.

All of them have finally arrived and taken their respective seats. Ernest watched them with his eyes, reading them.

He sensed no enmity between them. It seems that they were really moved by his speech yesterday.

Sophia approached and stood behind him with a noble gesture. The meeting is going to start.

"Everyone, thank you for coming here to this humble restaurant where we formed our unity." Ernest started.

"Well, it's because of you, Sir Ernest. If you weren't there yesterday, it would've been a disaster. We can't thank you enough for showing us the way." Wayne said as the others nodded in agreement.

"I'm humbled by your thanks but for now I know some of you want to know my origin and I can tell it. So now let me introduce myself. My name is Ernest Gonzales, born from a humble blacksmith family. Even though we're not that rich, we lived a happy life until both of them died from a monster attack. Then after that, I was devastated and lost and wandered to wherever I will land until I found this humble country that accepted me. I can tell you a brief past of mine in this country. I'm a commoner and sometimes I steal to survive. I know it's morally wrong but if I don't do that I will die. With that, you may know that I'm struggling to survive every day. But…" Ernest's tone shifted to a frustrated tone, clenching his fist. "I never knew that my life back then was the worst part of my life. The Empire decided to wage war on us and defeat us. It affected my life greatly, I've been fond of this country because of its harmony and unity and they destroyed it just like that because of their stupid ideology of human is superior. So I know and understand your feelings."

After hearing his completely made-up story. Everyone gasped lightly in shock. He never knew that it will work for them since it was just a stupid made-up story created ten minutes ago.

But surprisingly, it worked.

"We're sorry to hear that story of yours. Sir Ernest." Alwin said.

"Yes, we're saddened by your story. The Empire must pay for the suffering we're currently experiencing," said Guilhem in a frustrating tone.

"It's really okay. The Empire will pay for their sins in the future but for now, let's focus on us first." Ernest declared and turned to Sophia.

"Sophia, how many followers do we currently have?"

Sophia checked her files to answer his question.

"400 people signed, Sir Ernest." Sophia answered reverently, "The numbers are still increasing steadily so far. By tomorrow, we might have 500 followers."

"500? That's far too low."

"Then what do you suggest Sir Ernest?" Blackbelly asked.

"Just like what I did yesterday. My plan is to gather more followers as soon as possible. 500 is still considerably low, considering the population of Eighbury city, which is 3,000. I want them turned, reached, and liberated by our ideals, uniting them."

"That would be easy Sir Ernest." Wayne, "Demi-humans and humans share the same grief. They will be easily swayed by your words like you did to us yesterday."

"That's what I'm planning. I will make a speech in two hours, right? But when I do that I'm sure that we will be noticed by the lord of Eighbury."

"That would be a problem, Sir Ernest." Blackbelly said, "The city lord is a pro-empire and will do anything the Empire says to him. To put it simply, he's more loyal to the Empire than his own country. Your speech yesterday might've attracted his attention and he will surely watch you when you make the speech later."

"In that case, we are going to need some sort of military force or security that will protect you, sir." Alwin said, "Fortunately we already have that. The treaty that the Kingdom of Crentis signed with the Allies wherein we will have to decrease the number of military troops up to 100,000, making most of them unemployed. Well good news, most of them want to join your cause and will surely protect you when you're doing your speech. Isn't that right Sophia?"

Ernest turned to Sophia.

"Yes Sir Ernest. Sir Alwin is right. On the signatures, we can see former military men signing up to our cause."

"Okay, that will solve the security problem. Since they are military trained, I believe that we will have no problem." Ernest glanced at them when he said that.

"For now we need more followers so that we can stand up to the Lord who is pro-empire. When we have sufficient followers and forces we will march to the city lord's palace and kill him." He said coldly, "Those who serve the swine are also swine. There is no need to keep them alive."

Ernest rose to his feet and glanced at them one last time.

"Lastly, I'm going to ask something to all of you. What I want are trust and loyalty. For now, I want you to swear your loyalty to me and the cause. I will promise, from the bottom of my heart, that I will return the Crentis Kingdom's glory." Ernest declared, making the room silent.

Several moments later, the silence broke.

"I will pledge my loyalty to you, Sir Ernest. As long as you uphold your promises." Alwin declared.

"I am as well." Blackbelly declared.

"Me too," Guilhem said.

"As for me too," Wayne said.

"But we only have one question. When you are successful and become for example superior to the Kingdom. What will you do?" Wayne s

Ernest smiled. "We will establish a stronger country where our various races...No, where our people can live peacefully. If our monarchy does not agree with that, then we will have no choice but to establish a coup. Though saying this is dangerously treading close to treason, that's what I'm ready to do if they are weak to uphold the fate I imagine for our people."

Ernest returned to his seat, "You know what my fellow comrades. I don't like calling you demi-humans or humans. I really want to change it. So I came up with a name."

Everyone leaned forward, taking interest in his words.

"Mankind! That's right! Every person and race in the Kingdom of Crentis is called mankind and those who are outside are inferior! We will be the ones to rule over them. Lastly, I want our party to have a name. So I will call it: United National Socialist Party. Everyone agrees on the new name?"

Everyone nodded.

"In that case. Let's get started!"

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