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What is これを削除6

Read これを削除6 novel written by the author MonarchX on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering romance, action, adventure, reincarnation, comedy. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Long ago, there was a man who had the title of Monarch of Magic. His power was that equal to of gods. Later, he was betrayed by his subordinates and was killed alongside his sister. 8 centuries later, he was reincarnated along with his sister who has no recollection of her former life. He vows to protect her at all costs and to live a peaceful life with her. However, to live a peaceful life is never really achievable. He meets new and old enemies as he ventures through the world. He will reclaim his title as the Monarch of Magic and fight anyone who stands in his way. The legend of the Monarch begins again. _____________________________________________________ Note: This novel takes place on earth with all the same countries and continents, but some of the history and all characters are fictional. Warning: Some Gore I do not own the cover. I am saving up for my own cover.

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Let me say that I really appreciate the effort that the story is trying to present. The biggest positive of this book is that it's one of those stories that has reincarnation without involving a truck. We also get to see the protagonist going through this reincarnation with its own obstacles and challenges. One of my criticisms is how the story integrates with the world. I can see where the setting is but in some cases there's too much telling (including the fantasy elements) rather than showing. Another criticism I have is that at some point, in the most recent chapter, there are written sound effects like bam, crack, and "ahh" (the screaming kind). I think they need to be shown with words/reactions from characters instead of writing the actual sound. There's also the characters, I don't see much from the protagonist, or the other characters, but hopefully there would be more character development in the future. Of course I do encourage the author to continue this story, because I do see its potential. Just maybe try to do more showing than telling, sharpen the writing technique, and flesh out characters, that's all. Best of luck for the author. Keep on writing.


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