1 Chapter 1 : Start

In a large, rather old room, a young man was lying on his bed with a depressed and nervous expression.

His name is James

Living in an unimportant north district outside of New-York, his house was so far-off that it could hardly be counted as a part of the city.

It wasn't that he didn't want to move, he just couldn't afford to.

He was an orphan and could only support himself with part-time jobs.

But fortunately, his parents had at least left him a house before they perished in an accident on a trip to Mars.

Because of his financial lack, he could not go to a university and stopped his studies in high school, he was 17 years old 11 months, 30d, 23h and 58mn.

Although James seemed ordinary, he had a secret that he kept well hidden.

He wasn't a person of this world.

Although this world and its world is similar, there is one notable difference.

In this world the earth had no more countries, there was only one federation, USE (United States of the Earth).

And on top of that the technology level of this world, although not very different in some ways from his previous world, is completely exaggerated.

Spacecraft traveling throughout the galaxy, teleportation, space portals, space rings, flying car, AI, lightsaber ....

How could mankind evolve so fast? It's very simple because of the [Multi-World Door] or [Survival World].

Fifty years earlier in the 1960s, an unknown phenomenon began to occur, any teenager turning 18 or any adult over the age of 18 would be given a chance to participate in [Survival World].

Once accepted you will be sent to various extremely dangerous and deadly worlds, but once you survive you will receive points that will allow you to become superhumans.

You can pay for supernatural techniques or objects, weapons, any kind of technology or fantasy objects.

Governments around the world first banned access to [Survival World], but later the ban was rescinded as more and more people entered, bringing back drugs for cancer, Ebola, AIDS.

Revolutionary technologies for the time, new energies, ecological machines, destructive weapons, but although many good things were done, two problems arose.

First of all, the mortality rate was horrible, only 1% of the people who entered [Survival World] came back alive and the darkest ambitions began to emerge.

Dictators, the mafia, terrorist organizations, organized crime, cartels, crooked politicians, unscrupulous rich people, thieves, murderers... were now all equally powerful, the former enemy countries declared war on each other, coups d'état arrived almost every month.

The Third World War broke out, destroying many countries and setting the world on fire as never before in history.

But fortunately, thanks to an extremely strong group of men and women, World War III ended after twenty years of fighting.

This group of people were determined to unite all countries, eliminate racial tensions, put an end to the ancestral resentment. They founded USE, bringing peace and stability to the world.

But all this does not interest us, because today was the day when James will turn 18.

He was lying nervously on his bed, then at 3:17 p.m. a message appeared in his mind.


Welcome to *Traveler James* in Suvival World]

[Would you like to participate?]

>Yes< >No<

Seeing the interface appear in front of him James took a deep breath.

"To change my life I must be prepared to die." 

Then he pressed Yes and his consciousness dissipated.

And when he opened his eyes, he heard the roar of explosions and a red interface appeared in front of him.

[Survive the fight between Madara Uchiha and Hashirama Senju for 30 seconds]

[Reward: 100PT]

[Traveler title]

"This is Naruto's world, how is it possible, I thought we were only being sent in unknown worlds, wait a minute don't tell me the so-called unknown and dangerous worlds are worlds from my past life's works?"



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