⁉ Mysteries Awaits ⁉ [A TBHK/JSHK x Reader Fanfiction]
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⁉ Mysteries Awaits ⁉ [A TBHK/JSHK x Reader Fanfiction]


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What is ⁉ Mysteries Awaits ⁉ [A TBHK/JSHK x Reader Fanfiction]

⁉ Mysteries Awaits ⁉ [A TBHK/JSHK x Reader Fanfiction] is a popular web novel written by the author MissieMcCrissie, covering X READER, TOILETBOUNDHANAKOKUN, AMANE, KOU, YASHIRO, HANAKO, TOILETBOUNDHANAKOKUN YASHIRONE, YUGI AMANE, AOI, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 6.8K readers . The novel is being serialized to 3 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


"Hey, hey, have you heard about the seven wonders?" ~ "You must have a wish that needs granting. Or did you just summon me here to have fun?" he let out with a grin and squinted eyes. She blushed. "Yes, I do..." "Then you may say it," he announced and roamed back to the surface. "I..." Her tongue clicked. She held onto her "band-aid" tightly. "I want you to be my friend." --- Book: [April 2020] --- This book here is like an adventure and romance book, so not just one... It's kinda like an OC book... A lot of crying/depression involved... This will also contain Manga spoilers... --- A Toilet-bound Hanako-kun x Reader Fanfiction All rights reserved Disclaimer: Jibaku no Hanako-kun/ Toilet-bound Hanako-kun does not belong to me. It is simply an anime/manga for everyone to enjoy. This is just a fanfiction. 12+ Read at your own risk...


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This is definitely one of the better fanfics that I've read for this anime and I would definitely recommend it. The writing quality is good, I usually would have found a few mistakes on each chapter but this has little to any mistakes. Since it only has the introduction and the first two chapters it's hard to judge the story devolopment but I'll update my review when the story is hopefully finished. I only took a star off for character design because the author changed Yashiros character but explained that it was for the story and I'm interested where it will go. It hasn't been updated in four months but I under stand that the author has a life of their own and it can take a while to find motivation to write. They did really well with the world, even doing a bit of research when Japanese school begins and touches a bit on honorifics. The abusive back story seemed a bit steriotypical at first however I am interested where the uncles character will go and if we will get to see a bit more of him. Overall hood work and please keep writing because you can know that you have at least one devoted fan.


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