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(Jason Scott x reader) Y/n McKenna was the youngest sibling of her older 2 brothers, they were the most popular kids in school which made you automatically popular. Although you didn't seem to enjoy all the attention you were a quiet teenager and didn't speak to anyone at school but your best friend, Kimberly. But that all changed when she started to become friends with that kid, Jason Scott and some other people. She felt abandoned. And they became ‘Distant’. Not long after they were attacked by these weird rock things that came out of the ground lead by some weird green girl. In all honesty she was scared shitless, but all that fear soon turned into sorrow and pain. And all that sorrow and pain turned into anger and lust for revenge. When she finds the white power coin what will be her next move? Will she join the power rangers? Or will she go against them? Letting her pain and lust for revenge get the best of her? Will she fight alongside the enemy? "You don't know what it's like to lose the people you cared for so deeply! You don't understand this sorrow, this pain I feel!...you don't understand anything." "Then make me understand. Talk to me, I'm here for you!...always."


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